Friday Bits & Bobs: Art on the Walls



On Thursday we went to the Venice Art Crawl and I was inspired.

Art. Let’s be clear: I am not an artist. I dabble, I doodle, I even pretend to know what I am talking about on occasion when in an art gallery.

But I am no artist.

I sometimes think I can be … then go back to my study materials.That being said: I love art. All kinds – performance art, tangible art, spoken word and transient works. I love words – written or drawn or sang, and I love the creativity that people hold when they think about anything – from little things like a day in their own life, to large things, like a revolution.

Art is, for me, the thing that separates us from mere robots: through art, through creative expression and through that whole process of going from idea to expression, we are reinterpreting the world around us, thinking it through in new ways and coming out the other side with something.

There’s good art, bad art; high art, low art; art for a specific purpose and art for no reason at all. But it’s all still art.

Monologue, ended.

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