Watcha writing?

It’s coming near that time of year again.

No not Halloween.

And certainly not Christmas.

But something that lies in between.

A month of frantic thoughts and swirling plot points that all combine to create … a novel.

That’s right, lovelies: It’s Nanowrimo time!

Nanowrimo, for those that don’t know, is the National Novel Writing Month – an online forum for would-be writers to hanker down and complete a full novel – 50,000 words of coherent, or semi coherent, plot. The idea is that most would-be writers don’t struggle with coming up with ideas for stories, but do struggle when it comes to finishing the ones they start. If you’re a writer, you know that it’s not always the easiest thing to finish the tale – you have an emotional investment in the story and the characters and trying to figure out what happens next can be a daunting experience.

Enter Nanowrimo.

You sign on, make up your username and all the usual joining things, and then you start tallying up your words. That’s right folks, you start on November 1 and start adding up your word count – you can do it daily, twice daily!, weekly or what-have-you – as long as you record it! At the end of the month, if you reach 50,000 words … You win! You wrote a novel! And are entitled to a badge like this one:

Or this one:

I have done this for a few years now

The first year I did it was November 2009 – I finished a novel that had been simmering in the back of my head since high school. As a prize I got to publish it – I got to hold my book in my hand! It was rad!

In November 2010 I finished the second sequel to that book – and published that one too!

In November 2011,  I wrote the 50,000 words of a novel I tentatively called “Banshee” – but at the end of the month, I read back and realized I had gone off the rails in terms of my plot in several areas – and so that one isn’t so finished. But I did commit 50,000 words to it – so there was no loss.

The following November, in 2012, I rewrote Banshee – made it all I though it could be, and was pleased,

This year, because you know I have to participate, I plan on finishing off two books (for a total of 25-30k words each). Both are around their middles and I stopped the ones to finish the second then got stuck and moved onto a third, so Nanowrimo, this year for me will be an exercise in head jumping – from two very different premises and two equally unique heroines. Wish me luck!

Throughout November I will keep you guys posted – and please keep me posted too! I would love to read more about your own works and what you like to read!

So … are you going to participate in Nanowrimo this year?