Friday Bits & Bobs: May Days

This weekend I am going to try doing a few things I haven’t really done before: butter, ice cream & mozzarella cheese. I have made cheese with my grandmother – queijo fresco – but never on my own. Given the … Continue reading

Friday Bits & Bobs: A Slow Weekend in SaMo


Need to get a telescope lens for my phone, I think.

The moon, however, is beautiful, despite the blur.

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My Weekend – March 10, 2014

And my weekend started on Thursday night with a Walk off the Earth Concert in Hollywood. Show was great – it’s weird, though, that I came all the way to L.A. to see a Canadian band from near my hometown … Continue reading

Friday Bits and Bobs & Steamy Fridge Story – February 21 2014

I do so love bakeries. They’re just so sweet-smelling, with the sugar, cinnamon and the coffee aroma. I would live happily above a bake shop. ~ * ~ When I have time, I am going to try some of these. … Continue reading