So, you wanna know a little something about this blogger person whose blog you happened to stumble on, eh?

Heya! Glad you could join me! 

The Boy says this is the face I usually have on while typing - that or a scowl ...

The Boy says this is the face I usually have on while typing – that or a scowl …

My name is Ammy and I am a twenty-something girl living in Toronto Ontario Canada. For those not in the know – that’s the largest city in Canada, about an hour and half from Buffalo New York, five hours from Montreal and a short six hours (on a plane) from my home town in Portugal. It is also home to such beautiful things as the CN Tower, Casa Loma and the entirety of the downtown west side (I am biased, yes, but not unfairly so …).

I am a lawyer, writer, cook/baker, tv addict and bibliophile who lives with a Business grad student who think the Star wars extended Universe is the only truth. He may or may not be mistaken, but he can be fun to hang out with, so I keep him around. I also like a glass of Riesling on occasion, Moscato on other occasions and some good ol’ fashioned Canadian Brut on fancy occasions. I am not a huge fan of chocolate cake, but I do like cakes in general, especially with lemon. Or coconut. Or berries. I see a trend there …

I am a self-professed coffee addict who is also addicted to television shows like Ancient Aliens, Weird or What? (With fake Boyfriend, William Shatner), and Dark Matters, and will watch them back-to-back with Rich Bride, Poor Bride while downing a pint of ice cream like it’s nobody’s business! That being said, I am not a fan of most reality shows, to the point where some of them make my skin crawl with only the mention of their names *cough* Jersey Shore *cough*

My current set up

My current set up

My bookshelves are yet again proving insufficient, and that is just further proof that I cannot help myself when at the local BMV (Books, Movies Videos – greatest book place ever!), but also I hope, showing that one day I deserve a huge room with floor to ceiling shelves to hold my precious(es) …

I am constantly learning computers – as an IP lawyer and a blogger and, oh, a general computer user too – though they always seem to turn around and poke me in the eye when I get too cocky …

And in general, I am just exploring my way through my own life.

I love to read, love to write, love to bake and sometimes, I even like to cook. I tend to have fresh flowers around my house, and have been known to scour farmer’s markets for strange-looking fresh produce too.

I hope you’ll join me for my blog adventures!

Favourites: Sunflowers, Sunshine and a working laptop ... all I need is coffee.

Favourites: Sunflowers, Sunshine and a working laptop … all I need is coffee.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the fresh flowers bit, love to write and bake too, thanks for stopping by my favourite pastime and for leaving me two notes, I really appreciate!!!

  2. I have submitted my first novel to http://www.swoonreads.com/m/selima-and-the-merfolk. It is a website where you can submit your YA, romance novel and have it rated. The hope is to be selected for publishing.
    I was wondering if you would like to read it. You don’t necessarily have to do a review, but I would appreciate it if you would comment and rate it.
    Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to support.

    Thank you,

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