Nano 2014: Progress, Week 3

Terrible, terrible week – will need to hustle next  week to make up for it.

How I work.

How I work.

Words so far: 20,000

Place on the plot mountain: In the action now, more or less. There are three distinct plots that are weaving together, and the first two are in it, but the third is still winding around the plot, waiting to waltz in and mess things up for our characters. This was planned, so I am not too worried, but it’s still frustrating. 

How I am feeling about it right now: This week was a mess. My computer (both my very very old one that is usually reliable and this newer one that is not) conked out. On top of that, I had a million things to do and some bad news to process, so my writing bug was shot. Will resurrect her this week to get back on it – last stretch, here we go! 

Stray thoughts:  The only bright spot this week was me jumping on the couch, pointing at the TV on Thursday and screaming at the Boy – “I knew it! I knew it! HTGAWM fall finale – I knew it!”. 

And now I am going to fill up on coffee and get t it! 



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