Nano 2014: Progress, Week 1

So this week was alright – not perfect, but alright. 

Me, writing.

Me, writing.

Words so far: 9000

Place on the plot mountain: Still on the Setting/Set Up Portion (right at the bottom of the mountain) – we have two heroes, where they’re situated and their first encounter, plus a little bit of background needed to catch up readers from the first two books. 

How I am feeling about it right now: I had to go through a little bit of an exercise with the first 5000 words or so. The thing is – I decided to start off in a way that just … isn’t typical of romance novels. But my characters are modern and feminist characters – they’re going to act like it, dammnit! That being said, I was hesitant to write it out the way I did, but now that it’s all said and done, I like it. And I just hope readers do, too. 

Stray thoughts:  Tried cold-brewed coffee from this tutorial – Have to say, I kinda love it now. Instant coffee but better! Also, I hate writing at home – too many distractions. I think I will take a couple of hours and head to the library every day, turn off the wifi and just … write. Wish me luck! Also, Scandal keeps getting better and better, but I feel like How to Get Away With Murder is faltering slightly – come on Viola! You can do this! I love her. Am obsessed with TGIT. 

And now I am back to writing again! 



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