10 Days of Halloween: Day 7 – Your Netflix Halloween Viewing Recommendations!

Hello ghouls and monstrosities! 

It’s that time of year again – Halloween! 

I will be posting ten posts all about Halloween, counting up to the night itself! 

Comment below, follow me and enjoy! 


SanMo - Halloween - Pumpkin - JackoLantern 7

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This time last year, I gave you a bunch of great horror movies for the season – you can access that list here. And there are tonnes of gems out there that I missed, for sure, but there has to be a way to narrow lists and this time, I decided to narrow it to whatever happens to be on everyone’s favourite streaming device, Netflix. 

Let’s start off with something classic and theme-appropriate: Halloween

The original is sadly not on Netflix, but we have The Curse of Michael Myers (i.e. Halloween part 6) and Halloween Resurrection (i.e Halloween part 8 – which I actually did go see in theaters) on there and they’re not … bad. Not really. I mean, as I was showing off my horror collection to my horror-adverse life partner who was trying not to laugh at the cheesy graphics and semi-pornographic music, I realized a lot of the so-called classics have gotten a bad rap. And, fair enough in a lot of cases. But they’re still fun to watch – I think that’s the basis of why Cabin in the Woods (also on Netflix!) works so well, tbh – those classic horror movies are still fun, even after you realize the Virgin is likely not to die, the menacing spirit/dreamkiller/escaped convict will rise again in sequels and the screams are just an excuse for gore. So, if you want a Halloween of classic slasher – watch either of these two. 

And after you watch that – watch this. It’s funny, pretty accurate and made me laugh. (Warning: NSFW, and language) 


Basic slasher flicks:

We have one installment of the Friday the 13th series on Netflix: part 7 to be exact – which has a little telekinesis thrown into the usual teenagers in a cabin through the woods by a (Crystal) Lake who are all about to be sliced and diced by a supernaturally inclined (man? beast? undead thing?) in a hockey mask. Have I given too much away? Worth it anyway, just to gawk at the bizarre hair. And the terrible lines. Yeah. 

Nightmare on Elm Street fan? Well, you can get your Kreuger fix with Freddy’s Revenge which is on Netflix. I am not a huge fan of that one (asides from the original, I have to say New Nightmare is my fave) but it’s still full of the same tropes you know you love on Halloween night …

If you like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then you’re mostly out of luck. Netflix claims to have Texas Chainsaw, which looks to be more of the same, but I haven’t seen it so can’t tell you whether or not it’s worth the 92 minutes. 

Now, we are in luck for those of us who love the 90s –Scream and Scream 2 are both on Netflix! Yes! Double dose of the movies that inspired the spoof franchise of Scary Movie. And also, the first two are the best in the series, so rock on! 

 Not entirely sure I would put this one under “basic slasher” but I didn’t have a category that really got to the heart of one of my favourite horror movies: Candyman. Seriously, as a child, this one terrified me. It was this, and Child’s Play. Some of my earliest memories of a few of my older cousins was sitting between them on the couch and watching this, paralyzed with fear and … yeah, I have terrible family members. Or do I? I have turned into quite the horror junkie after all …

Assorted slasher or slasher-like movies to check out: Jennifer Anniston before Friends in Leprechaun; Come Out and Play; Children of the Corn (the remake, actually pretty good though no Linda Hamilton); You’re Next; and, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
Ghosts, creepy places and new Horror

I have a fondness for ghosts. I just do. I like the ones you only catch a glimpse of – the ones where the atmosphere is more chilling than anything else. As such, my recommendations are attuned to that. 

First up – a gem of a movie I eagerly anticipated, The Awakening. Period piece that takes place at a boarding school (already creepy, see?). Honestly, it’s a slow build, but it’s a good scary story along the lines of The Orphanage and The Others. If you have more time , then check out the mini series Bag of Bones – based on the book by Stephen King. It was a little long, but well worth the watch! 

Both Carries – the original and last year’s remake are on Netflix, and both are worth a watch, and I have a fondness for Darkness Falls myself. The remake of The Fog is alright, though it doesn’t add much to the original – it is kind of creepy though, so plus for that. I also like the remake The Innkeepers, which I thought I wouldn’t and was pleasantly surprised by it.  For some classics, try The Legend of Hell House (a Matheson!) or House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price!) for a fix. 

As to possession movies – I tend to be very picky. Very picky. I usually find that they tend towards the sexpoitation of young virginial girls as opposed to actually being scary. I mean, I get that there is that thrill of a pull of young nnocent girls swearing and screaming, but … unless coupled by a feminist message, it’s not for me. That being said – I like The Possession, which I thought was a good reimagining of the typical possession stories. Insidious isn’t on here, but Insidious 2 is, and as far as sequels go – it’s a pretty damned good one. And as for the classic mystical pregnancy  – Rosemary’s Baby is still pretty relevant. 

For your creature features – that is Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters of all sorts and some you can’t even name – here are a few worth considering: The Moth Diaries (based on the book of the same name, set at an all-girls boarding school); The Hamiltons; Fright Night – the original; 

Funny Horror

An emerging genre! Things like Shaun of the Dead belong here, and it’s probably a favourite of mine. 

Let’s start with something I find funny but is still somehow classified as “scary” and not “comedy” – The Frighteners with Michael J Fox. It’s a light hearted serial-killing, ghost-seeing fast ride towards destruction with a couple of twists and turns thrown in for god measure. Then we can follow up with my favourite Zom-Com (it’s a thing, ok?) Fido! And seriously, if you haven’t seen Fido yet – go see it! It’s hilarious!  All Cheerleaders Must Die is a new favourite of mine – and for good reason! And Dead Before Dawn is super silly, super weird and makes very little sense – but has some choice funny scenes. And since I am apparently on a bit of a Zom-Com thang, check out Cockneys vs. Zombies, which was hilarious for all us Anglophiles and I bet, even for those who don’t know what East Enders or Coronation Street are. 

Finally, I know some of you like these, so I am adding them: Scary Movies 2 & 3 are on Netflix for your viewing pleasure … even though I am personally, not a fan. 


That’s it from me – any films I missed? 


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