Throwback Thursday: Nostalgia for all this Back to School Stuff

This is the … fourth year that I am not going back to school. 

I spent from the age of 3 to the age of 25 in school. That’s 22 years worth of back-to-school. 

By the time this photo was taken a whopping ten years ago (during Hawaii day for Spirit Week – usually we wore uniforms that weren’t so … colourful) I was starting to despise school. Not completely – I still liked to learn things, and converse with people about things I couldn’t do at home (like the merits of Plutonian ideals for example) and I loved the time I got to spend with friends. 

But I was eighteen and all I could think to myself was: Only 7 more years (University + Law School) and then never again! 

Funny how time changes the way you think of things. 

Now, I am 28. 

I have been out of school for three years, and this is my fourth September that hasn’t begun with back to school shopping and a general heaviness in my breast over the coolness of weather and the end of summer. 

And .. I miss it. 

You guys, I totally miss school. 

A lot.

Which makes me think I may be going back again eventually, though not right now. 

For now, I have these great pictures from my highschool years. And all the crazy memories I made:

2004 - Abbey weird me and the vote board


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