My Home and Native Land

 Yay! Canada!

Yay! Canada!

As you guys probably surmised, when in Canada … I don’t get a lot of internet time. In fact, I happened to be, for 6 days out of 12, in an area where it seemed that the internet had just given up and gone home. And “home” was nowhere near our particular stay.

That being said, I love to go home to Canada – it’s like a part of me is suddenly freer, if that makes any sense at all.

Canada is just this wonderful place on top of the world where I am happiest, I’d say.

And though the visit was short (too short!) we got a lot of stuff done, saw some wonderful people and even managed to get in a couple of parties, to boot.

Here’s the breakdown of my time in the Glory Land:

 IMG_20140813_180817 (1)
We got in late (very late) Wednesday night.




You can sort of see the CN Tower ...

You can sort of see the CN Tower …

We were staying at my folk’s so we were picked up by my Mum and Dad and carted off to their place, where my sisters were hanging around.

Blonde sister immediately began making me a ferris wheel (more on that later …)


Meanwhile, Thursday was all about the errands and such, including to Caterers.

Glad I got stuff done, but jeez does this planing thing take it out of you ..

Friday we got to go see two of our Best Friends get married! Was beautiful.



My Baby Sister made this

My Baby Sister made this

The venue looked out onto the marina - how perfect is that?

The venue looked out onto the marina – how perfect is that?


Don’t you love a happy beginning?

Anyways, the wedding was wonderful and sunny and perfect …. and then it rained all of Saturday.

Which was good, because then on Sunday, my Mother insisted on holding a bridal shower for me.

Here are some pics taken by my amazing bestie, the Opolskinatrix:

There's that ferris wheel again!

There’s that ferris wheel again!

Mmmm lemon tarts ...

Mmmm lemon tarts …



Some guessing games

Some guessing games



The Set Up

The Set Up

She’s a great photog isn’t she?

Here’s a shot of the leftover food that we made into a buffet at home, just to top it off.


And my before and after hair story (I had gotten my hair done at a trial just before the shower, and it turned out pretty great).



Great shower – great people – and I will have more details on the Blog soon!

The next day I spent with the old people (the grandparents as normal people like to call them). Mostly writing and hanging out.

IMG_20140818_165211Then it was off to the North.

Firstly, the Georgian Bay – or G-Bay.

I have only been coming up here for the past decade, but I fell in love with it early. And you will too …

Even with all the rain and clouds and fog fronts …

It was cold ...

It was cold …














Then it was off to the Family Reunion in Muskoka.

So, for me (who doesn’t golf), this meant a lot of this:

IMG_20140823_103945Ah, bliss!

Even if the sun didn’t come out.

Then it was back to the city … but wait! My cousin called and asked us up to her cottage for the afternoon!

And off we went!





And after good food, good company and a cool boat ride – we went back to the city and all the last minute things we needed to get done before taking off, back to LA.

For me, that included a stop at the dress place for a fitting.

Am happy with the dress – especially now that there are sleeves!


And a stop at the Portuguese coffee place with Vosinha (aka grandma) for gelão and pastries.



And then – too too soon – we were off. Away from the land of Maple Syrup and poutine and family and back to our new home in La La Land.

Went by too fast – but still nice to get back to people you love, if only for a tiny bit of time.

Already miss ya, Canada.

Stay cool.





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