My Return to the Blogosphere!

Hello all!

This me, now. Post-exam high. Hello world!

This me, now. Post-exam high. Hello world!

The last month has been … horrendous. I hate exams. I hate studying for exams.

So studying for the 3 day closed-book bar exam (that was held inside a conference center whose AC channelled the Arctic) was no picnic.

Hence, I disappeared!

But now I am back. Just in time for the latter half of summer and any adventuring that may be left over for me.

A few July highlights

A few July highlights

Since mid-July I have:

– Written the Bar Exam

– Learned how to make pasta and ice cream from scratch (without any special tools!)

– Booked plane tickets to go home for an awesome wedding (!)

– I have started the 100 happy days challenge on Instagram too – if you want to join in!

– And gotten stuck in an elevator because things not updated since the mid-80s break once in a while …

July 2014 Collage 2

This is what I have planned for the rest August for you guys:

Recipes! Including that pasta I mentioned, that ice cream too, and some staples that I have not yet talked about, like red velvet cake, pie, paella, crispy rice casseroles and more! Also, I am thinking of starting a little but of a series – namely, old family recipes. Tell me what you think and if you have any recipes to try out! 🙂

Book Reviews! Oh my word, guys. I am so behind in posting reviews! I have … about 6 ready to go! Can’t wait to see what your thoughts are for books like the new JK Rowling (The Silkworm), and oldies-but-goodies like Outlander and Good in Bed/Certain Girls.

TV! And Movies! I watched Snowpiercer (Chris Evans!!) in early July before it disappeared (seriously? We went July 3rd, then the next week – nothing …) And then found these great reviews and interpretations on it and just got sucked up into the mythos. Really good movie! And not just because of Chris Evans … Also – new season of Orange is the new Black – is anyone else salivating for season 3 yet? Also – caught a few trailers for Fall 2014 … I have thoughts …

Wedding Stuff! I am so not a wedding planner, as it turns out. I took a necessary month off from everything -wedding … and of course everything’s exploded. More on that soon …

Travel! So we spent a day in Monterey earlier this month – wonderful place with a great pier and some pretty great sunsets. In addition to that, we’re going home to Toronto soon and while there stopping over in Northern Ontario – bring on the nippy air and the bonfires! We’re hoping to take a mini moon in the fall, hopefully sometime in October – Napa Valley anyone? And with any luck, we’ll make our way up the West Coast by Xmas! That’s the plan, anyway …


Well that’s it for today, guys. Thanks for checking in!

How have you held up for the last month?


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