Friday Bits &a Bobs: Lazy July Days


Marina del Rey

So last week, due to America’s birthday, an improputu road trip to Vegas and my computer freezing both me and the tech savvy Boy out – there was no Friday post!

And so much happened last week I wanted to link to, too! So this week’s post may seem a little dated – but bear with – all the links are good links to check out, even if they are a week old!

Oh? What’s that? Why yes! I did trapeze over to Vegas!


I went to see my little cousins who are there for a dance competition (and kicking butt too!) and my Aunt and Uncle. We got lunch and dinner there, before hightailing it back to Santa Monica, where the sun seems to burn our heads less … and we have a sea breeze.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the City of Sin:


At The Paris.




Sigh … one day I will go to the real one …






The scale of some of these places is just insane …


Yeah, one day I will go visit the real one of this, too …


So wonderfully done


Those tiles!


What attention to detail, eh?


My dinner: octopus. So delish.


Gondola dock


I am not even … that sky looked so real … so real …When I walked back out into the blaring sun I was very confused.


Part of the Strip


That there is Buffalo Bill’s – right at the NV-CA border.


~ * ~

Was watching a rerun of Steven and Chris on the LiveWell Network and one of their celebrity knock off styles included this shirt.

And now I am obsessed and want it for myself.

Because – yeah, bustier women would have no fashion faux-pas with this one …

And yet …

Bonus! It’s on sale!

~ * ~

Because I couldn’t think of a better ad:


~ * ~

Today the USSC

Your feminism-inspired weekly read:

So … that Hobby Lobby decision. Well guys here we go –

First – article from Bitch Magazine. And a great cartoon that sums things up.

Next, Feministing on what this decision means and then they go on with the aptly titled “Empty Words“.

Slate on breaking up with the first amendment and Mother Jones runs it down.

Here’s a post that ties it with a favoruite book of mine from highschool. And Jezebel points out all the talking points when discussing this.

And since that depressed me, here’s a link to Harry Potter explaining why “friend zone” is stupid.

Also – let’s watch this documentary this weekend, k? I’ll bring the popcorn.

Also – 7 Reasons to Thank a Feminist Today and an interesting take on seeing sexism.

On Raising Feminist Boys (well, duh?) and MOST IMPORTANT – Wannabe is 18 this week – so … extra Youtube link today:

~ * ~


Other things that caught my fancy:

The grim origins of English nursery rhymes.

I have always thought that bookworms make the best lovers … not that I am biased or anything …

Erotic Papyrus. Yes, it’s a thing.

A history and analysis of the fridge in the home.

What the what? Rent a couple night in a French Chateau sounds wonderful to me …



Have a Wonderful weekend!



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