Happy Birthday to my Middle Sister!

[Posted a day late since my computer was making all sorts of weird crunching noises yesterday, so The Boy was looking at it]

My Sister has always been a weird one.

She’s blonde and tall and doesn’t like seafood, to name just a few things.

I mean, the rest of the immediate family is shorter, darker and piles on the shrimp at any given buffet.

She’s also pretty similar: she’s headstrong, a soccer fan (rabid soccer fan) and loves chocolate.

She’s a teacher now, graduated two years ago from the U of T, and she was the kid who knew they wanted to be a teacher since they were toddling. She’s never waivered in this, and I supsect she’ll be one of those super tough but fair type of teachers.

She came to visit me in February – we spent some time in San Fransisco and San Diego, and next time she comes, we’ll head to Vegas through the dessert.

She was my playmate from when she was born (I was 3) – we played things like Spider Cat Girl (because if there was a spider man and a cat woman – why couldn;t there be a spider cat girl?) and had epic “sword” fights with big branches in the backyard. We might not always get a long, but we’re sisters, and that pretty much trumps all.

So, Happy 25th Birthday you old woman, you!

Cheers from SF!

Cheers from SF!


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