Throwback Thursday: Prom Nights

My prom was ten years ago.

I don’t feel much older though, even if I am now in my late 20s, a far cry from being a “new adult”, a “young adult” and you know, “barely legal”.

I mean – between the prom night of 2004 and a regular night in June 2014 – I have graduated four times, have three separate degrees, have lived in three different cities and two different countries, have traveled to three separate continents and met an untold amount of inspirational people and seen things so beautiful they defy both words and my camera lens. And yet, I always feel like I just begun. As if a big part of me is still that eighteen-year old girl with frizzy hair and a craving for bubble tea and poutine, who is still just embarking upon life.

This is especially troubling given how many of my friends are doing the baby thing right now … should I be getting on that boat (an entire blog series within itself!)?

Either way, it’s kind of nice to see how young I looked, even if the Boy says I look the same. To me, I look like a baby.

To think, back then, I thought I was all growed up 😉


That hand and arm belong to the Boy.

That hand and arm belong to the Boy.


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