Friday Bits & Bobs: Into the Summer time

This week, during some downtime and after a particularly grueling headache, I turned on Netflix and saw – to my utter delight – Romancing the Stone.

For those with mothers from the 1980s who loved romance novels, Kathleen Turner and married men who thought they were adventurers, you might have had a VHS copy of it lying around.

For us, like a lot of other parental favorites, it became a staple.

Romancing the Stone is about a romance novelist, Joan Wilder, who ends up in her own romantic plot when trying to rescue her sister from jewel thieves in Columbia. Along the way she meets our dashing hero, played by Michael Douglas, and hijinks follow. In the end – you’re left crying in a mess, smiling through the tears and jumping up on your couch vowing revenge and a host of other things.

As the credits were rolling Netflix popped up in the lower right hand corner with other suggestions of things to watch, and of course, Jewel of the Nile was on there.

That’s the sequel, to those unfortunate enough not to have seen either. So I turned to the Boy and wiggled my eyebrows and he sighed with great aplomb and we started up Joan and Jack’s North African adventure, complete with all the best parts of music as it was interpreted in the 1980s (re. Dance party music).

As things always seem to happen in bunches, I then found my FB feed cluttered (amidst World Cup and USSC postings) with articles or remembrances of other movies from the 1980s: Three Men and a Baby (yes, another family favourite, though as I just rewatched that too on Netflix, I wonder at my parents’ apparently liberal attitudes to letting us watch 3 playboys run around half naked on screen) which is apparently 30 years old and took 1984 by storm; Big Trouble in Little China with a pre-SATC Kim Catrell; Robocop – the remake that I watched on the way back from Toronto an actually good movie; and, most recently do to its own anniversary – The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is probably one of my favourite movies of all time – so much so that I think I can use quotes from it to have dialogue with most of my family members … and possibly my significant other, too, now that I got him addicted to it a few years back.

Because it’s been on my mind these days due to FB, mostly, I thought it was great that someone linked this article.

I believe I will now have the requisite excuse to drop lines from The Princess Bride in all correspondence.

Also – so getting someone to mimic this at my reception: Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… 


~ * ~

Found a very interesting Kickstarter that I am probably going to go in on.

Can you imagine having a good travel mug that brews coffee while you’re on the way to work? Hot or Cold drip coffee!?  Yes please!

For someone like me, with the amount of caffeine I drink – this is perfect.

Also – if you follow the link and watch the video, the little coffee pods actually have seeds in them you can then plant in your garden. Isn’t that awesome?

I am totally into this kind of innovation!

Kickstarter may be my new favourite thing.


~ * ~

I think I can do at least five of these accents:


~ * ~

Definition of a Feminist n GIF form

Your feminism-inspired weekly read:

Jessica Valenti on Rape Apologists. Needs to be read.

Buffy and Orphan Black. Yes, there are reasons I have fallen for both of these shows.

Heh. An interesting thought experiment.

This is setting us back, not forwards. And it’s just sad. 

And finally, just watch this. And Laugh, and cry a little, then laugh again.

~ * ~


Other things that caught my fancy:

You guys!? Scandal clothing line? Yes yes yes!

Summer is a time for good, iced teas and such.  I am starting with this recipe.

This wedding. Yes, in that same bookstore I was in last weekend. Amazing. Am so jealous.

I have read precious few of these books. Though, I would have to say – you had me at Wicked.

Handwriting or Typing? You be the Judge.



Have a Wonderful weekend!



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