Friday Bits & Bobs: Happy Friday the 13th

Blog Header.

Blog Header.

This week, I finally put up the new blog header.

What do you guys think?

I think it appropriately expresses my ideas behind A Legacy of Sugar and Tentacles: Namely, that It’s a sweet, busy life.

I am going to be making other changes to the blog as I get caught up to speed on some things.

Little things, mostly, Layout things.

Site Maintenance, say.

Will let you know if I do anything else drastic.

~ * ~

I have been thinking about wedding decor, and got a text from my Mom saying I should consider these.

I think she’s right.

The idea I have in my head is basically a cozy winter’s night – the kind where you curl with with a blanket and tea.

So … candles, lots of candles, lanterns, wooden candle holders, etc.

What do you think?


~ * ~

I have done no exploring this past week.

It’s been just study-study-watch the news-get depressed – study more.

However, I have been thinking of all the places I would like to explore after July.

Like … Big Bear Lake, which is just about two hours from here.

I need to see if there’s one of those 36 Hours articles for LA.

I have been getting to explore local things a little bit, which is nice.

There was a shark outside of Manhattan Beach this week – a small great white that had me both thrilled and in dread.

The video I link to above is crazy – the paddle boarder gets so close to the shark … it gave me shivers.

Speaking of things I should explore – paddle boarding. I need to learn balance first though.

The only other exciting thing to happen to me this week was seeing a family of deer as I was executing a (poor) three point turn at Pepperdine in Malibu.

Omgomgomg!!!!! Baby fawn!

A post shared by Ammy Belle (@ammybel) on

Isn’t it adorable?


~ * ~

Am so making this at some point this weekend:

 Could be breakfast … could be dessert … could be the entirety of my food intake for the day.

But I will make it.

~ * ~

Definition of a Feminist n GIF form

Some articles on feminism for your weekly read:

This, my friends, this would be awesome for us online shoppers (and you know, in general for body diversity).

Need to watch this movie, Obvious Child – everything I have heard about it says I will love it.

This week was harsh for gamers – apparently, women are too difficult to make into video game characters

For reals? Apparently. Here’s a video of characters that will make your head spin. Hint: They’re all male.

It boils my blood.

One more video game thing (which is weird, since I suck at Video games) – I would totally play this.

Hopefully there is enough backlash over this that the next Assassin’s Creed has ONLY female playable characters.

How about we stop stigmatizing breastfeeding Moms? Please, thanks.

Beyond brilliant spoken word about a world where clothes make our decisions for us …

~ * ~

No filter needed. June Gloom 2014. From Malibu

No filter needed. June Gloom 2014. From Malibu

Other things that caught my fancy, Friday the 13th addition:

So, Honey Moon. Tonight. Go check it out.

Just for fun, here’s a quiz to determine which English you speak from MIT.

What I am missing in Toronto … sigh …


Have a Wonderful weekend! And get out and see that full moon!



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