Friday Bits & Bobs: Always on the Move


Between studying and maintaining the basics of living (is it me or does the laundry never seem to end?), I have had precious little time to devote to writing, something that makes my heart hurt.

I did take a quick trip to my favourite bookstore in Venice a couple of nights ago – Small World Books. You can find it hiding off the boardwalk, and if you’re in the area, I highly recommend you waltz in. The staff is really nice, the decorations are warm and cozy and the store has a pet cat named Conan. What more could you ask for?

Browsing the titles on the shelves, I realized a few things: (1) I really need to get back into a writing schedule, (2) I want to live in a bookstore, and (3) Hell, I am so behind on my TBR list …

With the first of those things in mind, I happened to stumble on a few articles this week that would help me out.

First – some writing tips from The Silver Pen – simple, but true enough. If you want to write, then you have to  … well, write.

With the Maleficent movie out and the conversation about fairy tales and female antiheroes, I thought this article was an interesting one.

Wendy Webb (reviewed her books here and here) has a blog I only just discovered, and for those wanting to write in the supernatural genre – she added some tips on that.

And when, of course, you finish that novel – here is an article to help you craft a cover letter and query to get your foot in the door with a publisher.

Long road … but writing stories makes me happy, and as such, I think I need to make it a priority in my life …

~ * ~

When I was a kid, my parents enrolled us all in swimming lessons. As there were three of us, hair drying time meant I, as the oldest, was usually on my own.

I quickly discovered that, unlike at home with the hand-held hair dryer, I could dry my hair faster and style it (re. straighten it) a lot easier under the wall mounted ones at the pool.

Then I grew up, and the only place I have a wall-mounted hair dryer is at the gym, and usually it’s broken.

Then I saw this.

You guys …. if this works (I have to look up more reviews) – I am totally buying it.

No seriously – I have a lot of hair. I need this. My hair retains moisture like no other. I need this.

Also, isn’t it a brilliant idea too?


~ * ~

Best Bread I've made so far.

Best Bread I’ve made so far.

So this past week was pretty good – classes, studying, cooking – no baking though 😦

To remedy this, I have my eyes on a few desserts, muffins and such for the week ahead (beginning tonight with a pizza for dinner) …

For now, though – some foodie related blog posts that caught my interest this week:

Hard Boiled Eggs – I have never managed to do them exactly right … this is a pretty comprehensive post about how to remedy that.

Need to learn how these were done (probably an icing funnel, right?) and then add my own artwork to my weekend breakfasts …

As burgeoning gardeners ourselves, this article caught my eye. Our old tomato plant at the old house got sunburned after a couple of months – and now, I think, it’s time to try again.

Speaking of food and gardening and such – this website is pretty great. You type in a food, and it calculates when that food is in season (and where, if that varies). Eating seasonally just became a lot easier …

Finally, am totally into making this sometime soon. Sigh, I miss those days when I lived close enough to my best friends to have them pop over for coffee/tea and cake.


~ * ~

And because it’s adorableness I need today:


~ * ~

Quote - Maya Angelou - Diversity, Threads and TapestryYour feminism-inspired weekly read:

Though not my forte – feminism and economics over at Lady Economist for you.

The Feminist version of history. Heh.

Funny video on gender stereotyping and how silly it is by way of doing it to adults.

A thought provoking (as opposed to funny) video on female and beauty.

And finally, a conversation on porn between women

~ * ~


Other things that caught my fancy:

Do you love infused water? I do. And here are some variations I intend to try out.

How the neighborhoods in my hometown, Toronto, got their names.

Interview with Lauren Willig on her newly released book.

LOVE this. What if animals took selfies? Yes.


Heh … not sure what this means about the accent of the voice in my head when I read Medieval romances …


Have a Wonderful weekend!



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