My Weekend – A 2-Week Long Weekend Recap

This weekend was a mix of studying, errands and baking.

Deer at Pepperdine

Deer at Pepperdine

Having little to no time to shop last week, we got to Friday night and decided, hell – why not go out for some sushi? We looked up a place down on Colorado called Ninjin.

Oh My Goodness.

I cannot get over the yumminess at this place.

Customary Tea.

Customary Tea.

Fried Rice with Spicy Tuna - Sorry for the poor quality -

Fried Rice with Spicy Tuna
– Sorry for the poor quality –



If you’re in Santa Monica and craving sushi – I highly recommend this place.

Then we went home and passed out in a delicious food coma.

… And woke up Saturday morning ready for our weekly walk about.

This week we strolled down to the market, past all the palm trees …


And through to the beautiful figs.


Am obsessed.

All the way to the cliffs where the squirrels scared the crap out of me by popping out of a little hole in the ground.


And then we went to our favourite little bakery cafe for some early brunch.


This time, I had the pain perdu (french toast) and the Boy had a Parisian ham and cheese scramble, both with copious amounts of coffee.

Best french toast ever

Best french toast ever

What is Parissian ham, anyway?

What is Parissian ham, anyway?


Then we made the walk home – with figs in our market totes, bellies full of coffee and yummy food and magnolias still blooming on the trees.


Then it was mad studying for me for the rest of the day – so much so that when I looked up from my notes I realized all my charts had “transfer to chattel” instead of “tresspass to chattel”. Dammnit.

Anyways, after getting a late night in (I think I went to bed around 2:30am), I woke up early on Sunday and snuck out of the bedroom to start breakfast. I decided on a Dutch Baby – watch out for the recipe later this week – some bacon, fruit salad with our yummy figs and french press coffee.


Then we went for the week’s groceries, getting some choice products for the week, including groceries in order for me to make:


Butter. And buttermilk.


Arugula Pesto (for tomorrow’s dinner)


Peanut Butter

As well as roast chicken, mashed poatoes, granola, bread and hummus.

My house, suffice it to say, currently smells like heaven.



How was your weekend?



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