Friday Bits &Bobs: Lots of Articles, Welcome back!


This weekend will be one of settling into things: my new study schedule, my new baking schedule, etc.

Such is the life of one who is constantly moving forward.

I started Bar Prep classes at Pepperdine in Malibu this week. Gorgeous campus. Absolutely gorgeous.

Am blessed. I sometimes forget just how lucky I’ve been.

Then I see the blooms on the trees, or the view from the law school at Pepperdine, out towards the blue ocean and I think to myself, “Is anything so lovely?”

I can’t forget that I am this lucky – I don’t ever want to take all those things, large and small, for granted.


~ * ~

So, the last two weeks in Toronto have been a series of get-togethers.

I love get-togethers. Though I like them better at soirees or shindigs … Tangent!

Anyway, given that it’s May in Toronto, and also given that the snow and cold weather didn’t apparently recede from the City until a few weeks ago, to say that everyone is up and joyful over the start of patio season is an understatement. So, our little get-togethers were usually outside.

And so… that meant BBQ!

I do love a good BBQ.

Then, coincidentally and as if the heavens were offering me advice, I stumbled upon this somewhere online.

I needs it.

Why? Because I never mastered grill cleaning, and I like little robots (am still waiting for my Roomba …)

Now I just need a grill … Father’s Day present though? Maybe …


~ * ~


Returning home this week and being promptly swept up in to-do lists a mile wide, we discovered we hadn’t thought much as to food at all. And worse, we were out of wine, too.

A short trip to the grocer’s had us hauling back the essentials – bread, turkey, cheese, milk, tomatoes, berries and wine.

So suffice it to say, with very little time to go shopping this week, we have been subsisting on pasta with tomatoes, sandwiches and eggs.

Next week, however, I plan on making baguettes for a picnic. I think this recipe will do.


Meanwhile, I went to an intimate concert in DTLA on Wednesday night with my cousin-of-a-cousin, Brandon.

To check out his music – click here.

I recommend his song “The Chase” myself.

Meanwhile, I have been starting a new studying regime, trying to put the finishing touches on my second book of the Cherry Valley series, and find time to start season 5 of Buffy.

I am a busy girl again, it seems. Thank goodness.

Hopefully I will get into a routine of posting more often, too. It’s in my goals, let’s hope I have the organizational skills to make it happen 🙂


On my less-huge goals list, is learning how to wear a scarf like a French girl. Because, duh, I was always tying it wrong! That’s why I always looked strange!

…er …

Further in the “fashion files” of my life – this gold striped manicure. Because, gilded fingernails. Yes.

Finally, and lastly, on my fashion mind – I have fallen in love with necklaces like these. I think I am taking my move to California to heart these days …

Meanwhile, I continue to search for a good pair of flares like I used to wear in highschool …


~ * ~

And this is important. Laci has gotten flagged (unfairly) but I think everyone should watch this:


~ * ~


Your weekly feminist read:

Female Scientists Missing from Cosmos. BTW – LOVE Cosmos!

I have shaved my legs for an absurdly long time. And yet, still a feminist.

Belle. I need to see this movie!

So much lol. Feminist Frank Memes.

It’s what I’ve been saying: Modern Dads are Feminists.

For reals? For the record, I like her dress …

This week has been terrible for the thinking person, if you ask me. Between #NotAllMen and the rhetoric around everything except the inherent misogyny in our culture … My head hurts.

Here’s to a better next week. Saliente

~ * ~

Last patio coffee (affogato) in Toronto. Sigh.

Last patio coffee (affogato) in Toronto. Sigh.

Other things that caught my fancy:

What the what? A shop without containers? I am intrigued! …

What an ingenious idea for art in a public space! Also, potholes are evil.

Clever. Very clever.

Need this so badly. I am always misplacing my keys … and my phone … and my earphones … and really, well anything not attached to me.

Pretty amazing video of the moon over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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