Friday Bits & Bobs: Live, from California!

The carousel on the pier.

The carousel on the pier.

This weekend will be a bit of a whirlwind for me – it will basically consist of getting ready to do the one thing I hate, to get to the one place that’s always in my heart ..

You know, fly (ugh) to Toronto (yay!)!

In preparation, I have packed all my bags since Wednesday, bought Mike ‘n’ Ikes, and filled my tablet with tv shows and books for when writing on my laptop makes me sick at 35k.

Also, I have stocked the cupboard with things The Boy can make to eat while I am gone … so basically, pasta. A lot of pasta.

I also left him half a cake.

In other news: My sister got her grades back and will be graduating this spring and I couldn’t be more proud 🙂

Also – I am getting waffles tomorrow for brunch and I cannot wait (yes, I am a tad obsessed!)

In other news …

~ * ~

I am always looking for new spreads.

These look super yum and they’re sold just down the street from me! Score!

Cannot wait to try the Maple Sunflower Butter or the Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter

Possibly on toast, but more likely on something like this.

What? It’s like toast …


~ * ~

Baked Gnocchi

Baked Gnocchi

This week has been a “need to use up everything in my fridge!” type of week, on account of my going off, so we’ve had a lot of pastas or casseroles that don’t require a lot of nit-pickiness.

However, the plethora of Mother’s Day Brunch Posts on the blogosphere has me seriously thinking I ought to make pancakes tonight.

With hashbrown cakes and eggs and heart-shaped turkey bacon …


Conan, the Kitty Librarian at Small World Books

Conan, the Kitty Librarian at Small World Books

But this week has not only been about food – I discovered a new bookstore in Venice that I am absolutely in love with!

They have a kitty librarian named Conan, and a great selection of books! I am going there today … again! 🙂

And our Buffy Netflix binge-watching has necessarily turned into a Buffy & Angel Netflix Binge Watching, so lists like this and this are making my day right now.

Seriously though – I miss Buffy. So, this again.

Also – this list, on why Cordelia Chase is your role model.

The next show on our Watch List is Dollhouse, and then the rest of Prime Suspect.

Do you see a trend? Heh .. maybe …

~ * ~

And since we’re on a badass women, trend – here’s the latest video from Buzzfeed:


~ * ~

What I found in my library book this week ...

What I found in my library book this week …

Some articles on feminism for your weekly read:

Jessica Valenti on Abortion.

Tabloid Headlines without sexism. For reals.

Kids pose as women from history. My heart bleeds and my ovaries are bust …

~ * ~

Excerpts from what will eventually go in my cookbook

Excerpts from what will eventually go in my cookbook

Other things that caught my facy:

Our favourite death positivist talks purple cows

 This article made me angry … and I vow never to buy Shape magazine, like ever.

Two things that caught my bride brain: this article on a 1940s theme wedding (so gorgeous!) and this helpful post on cohabitation-before-marriage registries.

Cannot believe I forgot about Free Comicbook day … see this.

Good post on camera lenses – including all these things I didn’t know about, like prime lenses. Food for thought!

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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