Throwback Thursday: Travelling Weekend

I am off to Toronto this weekend!


Seriously – it’s been 8 months since I have been home, so one can surmise I am excited to be getting back!

I am staying on for two weeks, which will be filled with family, friends, coffee, wedding planning, and as much sushi/bubble tea as possible.

I am still not satisfied with the sushi/boba tea here …

Picky, yes.

But the Boba Tea from The Boba Truck is super yum …but as it is in a truck, not always assessable.

Today I did go to sushi in Venice at a great place – more on that next time!

Still, I miss those friend-outings to AYCE sushi.

If you don’t know what AYCE stands for, you have my sympathy.

… it stands for “All You Can Eat”.

Anyways, in lieu of my travelling this weekend (on Air Canada, goddess save me!), I am putting up a picture from … 1987 – where 1 year old me is traveling with parents, aunt/uncle and godmother, and cousin to Florida.

My Mom says I was awful to travel with.

The banes of being an only child … for two more years…

1987 - Florida - Me, Mom, Madrinha, Henry and Tia and Tio


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