Friday Bits & Bobs: May Days

The perfect afternoon

The perfect afternoon

This weekend I am going to try doing a few things I haven’t really done before: butter, ice cream & mozzarella cheese.

I have made cheese with my grandmother – queijo fresco – but never on my own.

Given the amount of pasta, pizza and caprese salads we eat, mozza seems like a smart thing to understand how to make.

We lack an ice cream maker unfortunately – but I saw this video on Youtube a couple of days ago, and now I am all for making ice cream.

Especially with all this hot weather.

And then there’s butter. I love butter – really, who doesn’t? And so … why not?

I will hopefully have enough to make some cool compound butters too – honey butter? Herbed Butter? Maybe even some raspberry butter?

~ * ~

As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I think this would be perfect for our at-home coffee station.

Funnily enough, when we met, The Boy hates everything about coffee – the smell, the taste, the way it stained the white china, everything!

All through uni, and even when he first started work, he resisted the adult addiction of coffee.

Then suddenly, I came home from law school, we were out and when the waiter asked, “Coffee anyone?” he ordered one – black, no sugar.

And since then, he’s been just as bad of an addict as me.

True love.


~ * ~

Its been a sandwich kind of week for me.

Coincidentally, I saw this list on how diagonally-cut sandwiches are the best and why. 

Weirdly enough, I always thought they were, too … I just didn’t know why …

We made a croissant sandwich casserole for dinner last night, which was so yummy.

I feel like sandwiches are on an upswing – high end and gourmet and include things like bacon jam … or 100-year old duck eggs or whatever.

This makes me a little bit happy.

Okay a lot happy.

Long love the sandwich!

~ * ~

I love this Youtube channel – I love that they take those classic strokes of music and mix them with contemporary tunes to create something wholly unique and beautiful.

And now they’ve done it again – this time, with an old cartoon favourite!

Enjoy, my friends!


~ * ~

 Quote - Roseanne Barr - You Just Take It

Some articles on feminism for your weekly read:

21 Female authors you should read.

Celebrities with good views on body image.

14 more bad ass female authors.

A Brazilian cause I can get behind.

On YA and Rape. Trigger Warning.

So many more to mention, but I will try and pace myself.

~ * ~

Cherries are finally in season!

Cherries are finally in season!

How gorgeous are these book covers? I need to have them all!

 Have you ever imagined what a tree would sound like? Well, wonder no more – here is a recording of a tree song. Sort of. Just listen.

Speaking of books – here’s a dark short that sort of prequels one of my old favourites.

Gotta try my hand at these gorgeous flowers.

Made cookies last night, now I want to make a skillet cookie, like this one here.

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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