Friday Bits & Bobs: A Slow Weekend in SaMo


Need to get a telescope lens for my phone, I think.

The moon, however, is beautiful, despite the blur.

~ * ~

Wouldn’t this be the cutest bookmark?

I am a huge fan of reading, it’s true, and I also have this complex where I generally read a bunch of books at once.

I find it helps me fall into worlds and such. I am a weird one.

The crux though – I am near constantly running out of bookmarks. So I use the old standbys – receipts, envelopes, once even a a folded over price sticker.

But I am also a huge fan of quirky adorable bookmarks – and this one caught my eye.


~ * ~

Was on Rachel Khoo’s website the other day and she had a link to this site.

The History of Cookies. i kinda love it.

Here‘s the one for the Chocolate Chip Cookie – a personal favourite of mine, in many variations. 

TGo check it out – they also have macaroons, animal crackers and other yummies.

~ * ~

I have found a new Youtube cooking obsession – Bondi Harbour. It’s a surfer dude with a habit of making delicious things.

I may be in love …

Also, am totally  making butter this weekend.


~ * ~


Quote - Anita Sarkeesian - Women are the Ball

Here is an article on the ways feminism has made the world a better place.

Not only for women – for everyone.

Lists like this remind me of all the little things that we take for granted – like access to safe BC, the right to vote and have a job.

So it’s nice to have a reminder.

~ * ~

IMG_20140413_173228Given our new obsession with our little herb garden – this would be a cool thing to have on hand. 

 I liked reading a little bit about Japanese food here.

Thinking of a picnic next weekend, this will be on the menu.

This is actually quite a good way to explain English principles (the study not the language – the language is inexplicable

Reasons why Jane Eyre is awesome, which I have to say – well yeah …

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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