Throwback Thurday – Ten Years, or a Decade, Whichever makes me feel less Old …

As is custom for us – we forgot our own anniversary. 

In the last ten years, we celebrated it maybe four times.

Year One, 2005 – we went to an Italian restaurant on Yonge Street.

Year Two, 2006 – I had an late exams that ran into the second week of May, and then we figured it was too late.

Year Three, 2007 – He had exams that ran late, etc etc

Year Four, 2008 – Right after my last exam, I packed a bag and we headed off for England – that counts, right?

Year Five, 2009 – We smushed our bday dinner and our anniversary into the one weekend in April I didn’t have an exam to study for

Year Six, 2010 – We definitely forgot this one …

Year Seven, 2011 – My last year of school … between exams, the Bar and other things, it fell through

Year Eight, 2012 – Living together, we bought these luxe cupcakes for dessert and went out to the Napoli Pizza place on Mt. Pleasant. So yum.

Year Nine, 2013 – Living together, we had a desset night instead of dinner – at Il Gelaterie on Mt. Pleasant.

Year Ten, 20114 – Yesterday … we decided to commute it to today, and we’ll be going out … somewhere to eat … something … we’ll figure it out.


2004 -photos_Page_3

This picture is from the Abbey prom in 2004. We’re the ones in the center – Bestie L’s left side is on the left, and friend T and then BF, C, are on the right.

Boyfriend nearly missed my prom – which at the time, was a HUGE deal. He got stuck in Peru … because it snowed (like an inch) and wouldn’t melt and the local airport refused to allow planes to take off.

Would have been alright … but there was also no internet – so getting a message to me was not the easiest.

Lucikly for us, the airport figured out what to do with snow and he showed up a few days before the prom .

Fun night – remind me to tell it to you, sometime …

Happy Anniversary, my Love.

To Many more.




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