Friday Bits & Bobs: Easter Weekend

Pink Moon

Pink Moon

I was lucky enough to get a pink moon on my birthday, but to have a clear LA night? Priceless.

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Would this not make you smile, like, every day?

I am so in love with this whole concept.

Now that we’ve added chives to our herb garden and begun the concept work for another tier of herbs to add on, I have bee on a bit of a garden kick.

But, alas, having just a balcony, we need to be reasonable about the gardening we do.

I just think this is perfect.


~ * ~

These are just so cool – and I am such a spazz for not realizing it could be done.

The link is to MRIs of fruit and veggies and I thought it was apt, considering I laughed, audibly sighed and winced at this list.

Admit it – you would too. 😉

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Unfortunately my Youtube uploader is malfunctioning so … your morning Friday smile is now in Gif form:

Best cat expression ever.

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There is no real genius without a mixture of madness. Aristotle

With that in mind, here is an article at the Globe & Mail with Paul Gross (whom I love) about his Stratford performance arguing that, for creativity to blossom, the artist must be a little mad.

I would have to agree in general: the way our society is, truly anything that varies from a very constrained sort of being is madness.

We’re all mad here, and therfore, the world is more exciting.


~ * ~

Pretty flowers on my walk from the bus.

Pretty flowers on my walk from the bus.

As fair and reasonable as I try to be – this made me rethink some things I have said.

This explains so much about my reaction to babies and kittens …

What? This is crazy … and I need to travel to Italy just to see it when it’s done!

Both disturbing and beautiful – this story of a mummy in Italy made me very curious.

I ❤ Lisbon – and it’s so great to see that other people have fallen in love with it, too

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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