Throwback Thurday – My Mom Says we Don’t Have very many Easter Photos …

So … in anticipation of Easter this weekend I thought I would look around for a TBT picture of me in bunny ears or something. So I asked my Mom if she had one. She looked then said she had no pictures of Easter, really.

Then she told me that she’d do a better job on Easters in the future … with her grandchildren.

Well played, Mom.

So instead of an adorable child in bunny ears I had envisioned, here is me, last year, around Easter:

2013-03-26 18.01.54

I was “helping” my sister fullfill an Easter order. She was making beautiful Bunny Cake Pops. I made one with a large toothed grin 🙂

Because I could.

I also made one with an eyepatch.

And another one with a nose ring.

Suffice it to say, they didn’t make the cut …



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