Friday Bits & Bobs: April Days

Pretty flowers on my walk from the bus.

Pretty flowers on my walk from the bus.

I have had a weird week.

It all cumulated yesterday in my being soaked in water and cleaning products after I opened I went to get the mail and was splashed from above by the weekly condo cleaner who didn’t notice me.

I smelled like vinegar and lemon.

Not entirely pleasant for someone who’d taken great pains to find a vanilla smelling hair spray.

On the plus side, a good friend of mine mused that I was now a perfect candidate for a RomCom …

Too bad my tastes tend towards macabre and not (mostly mysognistic) flowers and hearts.


Only me.

~ * ~

Chilli and salad. Meatless Mondays rock!

Chilli and salad. Meatless Mondays rock!

I ordered this book a couple of days ago.

It should be getting here tomorrow, according to Amazon.

I am upping my recipe-creating game.

~ * ~


This made me so angry I was about ready to bust a gasket.  

That it is 2014, that women are now considered people and that all the science seems to contradict the safety and benefits of closing abortion clinics and yet – really people? – we still do it.

We put a premium on the potential, the hypothetical viability of a growing bunch of cells that exists ONLY because the person it’s in, at the cost of that person’s life, sanity and future.

And why? Well, a lot of people think “God” but I think not. God wouldn’t be this cruel to women.

No, I am down with the fact that female sexuality/empowerment/political growth/voices/[add your own here, it’s whatever men have, but female] scares the crap out of some people – and so, the response is to control and curb the rights of women. I am so angry – mostly because I do hold Canada to an absurdly higher standard than the rest of the world, but also because it baffles me that women do not merit rights in the 21st century. It sickens me.

Ladies – The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any (Alice Walker).

Take it back, sisters. You’ve as much as right as anyone.


~ * ~

This was definitely a thing to hear. Made me appreciate Ursula, Sea Witch and general Her Awsomeness some more, too.

~ * ~

Santa Monica Pier at night

Santa Monica Pier at night

I would like all of these.

I would like them to burn around my house while I cook and read and watch Buffy. ow stuck in my head.

They’ll burn with the scents of a library while I read more things like this, from Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche.

And take quizzes that make me sort of feel a little overwhelmed, like this one. 

And eat something yummy like this.

In essence, I would love for my house to smell part-library, part bakery.

Make it so, brave little candles!

~ * ~

Spring Tulips.

Spring Tulips.

Some links for the weekend:

On my to-do list this weekend: tart.

Reaching out to boys about sex ed right here

As I hate the death penalty, thought this was a great development – or potential development. 

Some info on the Heartbleed thingy.

And yeah, watch.

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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