Throwback Thurday – A Brownie, A Spark & A Baby

Posing for Grandma at her house.

Posing for Grandma at her house.

When we were little, we took our guiding seriously.

And in order to get the blue Girl Guides uniform – you did the pink Sparks and the Brown Brownies.

It meant heading to Lansing United Church on Wednesdays, hanging out with a bunch of awesome women and girls, doing crafts, singing songs, earning badges by doing things like learning to sew, speaking a different language, or collecting dues. We sold cookies, too. Yummy ones in chocolate, vanilla, mint.

We went camping occasionally. The Brownies got cabins, the guides got tents.

We even had cool sleepovers, where all of us would lay out our sleeping bags in the church basements and try and whisper to each other as the Owls (the women who led us) tod us to go to sleep.

It was fun, and it was so great and I think all girls should have the opportunity to do it.

If I have daughters, they will.

Click here for more info on the Girl Guides of Canada.




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