My Weekend – March 24, 2014

This weekend my friend, Smithy, came to visit the Los Angeles area – she’s staying for the week for some sun, some company and some buddy-writing.

Before she came over on Friday, though, I had already started my weekend.

Skyping with my 90-year old granfather

Skyping with my 90-year old granfather

My grandfather turned 90 on Thursday.

I may have mentioned it.

I sent a basket of fruit to him – his favourite, melons, with some pineapples-dipped-in-chocolate, grapes, strawberries and the like.

My Mom sent me a picture of him holding it up so I skyped them.

My grandmother cried because she thought it was sweet.

I almost cried because I missed being in the room with them all.

On Friday we had a two-tier day: a family friend was coming for dinner and Smithy was arriving at night.

So I went shopping for ingredients!

And found these:


Seriously?Doesn’t that take out the fun (re. mess) of colouring eggs yourself for Easter?

Maybe just me? 😦

Anyways, then I made some chicken couscous, watercress and pixie salad and this deep pan pizza.


Oh and I bought myself, and my new DIY-ed honey bear bud vase, some cute flowers.



And of course, there was that earthquake just after dessert …

Anyways, I made a cake for Smithy’s Birthday which was a couple of weeks back, and had it waiting for her when she walked in 🙂

Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and chocolate glaze ...

Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and chocolate glaze …

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the sparklers.

The next morning, we met up with some of Smithy’s relatives and took to the (Malibu) hills!


We hiked up Malibu Creek State Park, just north of our place.


It’s beyond beautiful.


And we found M*A*S*H!

Or rather, where they filmed the TV series M*A*S*H


They have some leftover tents, trucks and the like as well as a few plaques to tell you all about it.


You can actually go into the trucks, it’s hella fun!


And this. Love this..

It took us a minute to realize that this sign meant we were no longer in SoCal ...

It took us a minute to realize that this sign meant we were no longer in SoCal …

The trails also have horses occasionally (though we didn’t see a horse, but did see a rattle snake!) so I caught these wicked shoeprints in the dirt.


We then went to Neptune’s Net, just outside of Malibu along the PCH (thoughts of Veronica Mars in my head) which was delicious, and then headed to Smithy’s brother’s house for dinner!

The next day, Smithy and I woke early to be cheerleaders at a competitive (and super adorable) Little League game.


The kids were great sports and the day was off to a great start!

We had lunch at El Chollo and took in some shopping at the promenade and then ended the night with pizza and The Hunger Games.

All in all, a good weekend!

How was your weekend?



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