Friday Bits & Bobs: Last Weekend of March

My DIY golden honey bear bud vase

My DIY golden honey bear bud vase

Iam really feeling the spring.

 Fresh flowers for all!

~ * ~

WMy birthday is coming up.

As such, I have turned an eye to what I might like to see on that morning …

This would be so cool.


Might make some cool pictures for the blog …

This and this would be cool too.

Or a plane ticket home …

~ * ~

This tumblr is my new obsession.

Because yes, I have totally thought “that dress look so familiar” and I know you have too.admit – I have an addiction to books. 

~ * ~

A friend brought this to my attention. Worth the watch.

~ * ~

I have been boning up on Californian history while I am here.

This popped up, and I looked into it.

A little eerie, a lot fascinating.

It reminds me of how much the land has changed since we came on the scene.

“Us”, being, humans.

The Toronto Islands, similarily, used to not be islands. Then someone was like – “Eh – I don’t want to sail my ship around this pennisnsula thing to get to the harbour? Why don’t we just make this whole lot an island or two?”

And then there were islands.

~ * ~

Am down to 2 sugars again! Yay!

Am down to 2 sugars again! Yay!

Some links for the weekend:

Your trip into arty creativity here.

If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s this one, too.

This is super handy to know for when the wedding seasons starts up again.

More California Love: Tree style.

Making these tonight. Am intrigued at how 4 British men do a Portuguese pastry.

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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