Throwback Thurday – Milestone Birthdays and my Grandfather

Summer of 1987 – me and my gradfather.

1987 - Me and Avo Fernandes summer

My mother’s father, my Avô Fernandes, is turning 90 today. 

He’s been telling me that for years now. 

It’s a milestone birthday. 

He’s my oldest grandparent – ten years older than my Mom’s mom, and 62 years older than me. 

We’re both Aries, he born in March and me born in April. 

I was a spoiled toddler. 

Being in SoCal, I miss him a lot.

The last 2-3 years have been hard, he had a stroke in Portugal, scaring us all, and now can’t do a lot, but every Monday, I would go over, cajole him into his wheelchair and take him to the mall and wheel him around to people watch, so grandma had an opportunity to relax and do some shopping. 

He liked his apple muffin and very sweet black coffee. 

I miss those Mondays. 

Happy Birthday Vô! Parabens!



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