Friday Bits & Bobs: Pi Day

A rare occurrence of the Boy and I at Starbucks ... together.

A rare occurrence of the Boy and I at Starbucks … together.

I am definitely a coffee addict.

And less and less a sugary coffee addict.

Does that mean I am growing up?

Ugh … I hope not.

Also – Happy Pi Day, readers! 🙂

~ * ~

How much do I love this dress at ModCloth? A lot.

In fact, I love ModCloth in general – and if you haven’t checked them out yet , do.

You can find, in addition to pretty dresses, gorgeous shoes, nifty things for kitchen and apartment, and some rocking swimsuits.

It’s a lot of vintage flair with modern touches and it’s all so freaking adorable. I swoon.

If you are interested (of course you are!) The Pioneer Woman has a ModCloth giveaway here. Good Luck!

~ * ~

I found this on the internet.

Probably a valid reason not to try and release a small army of balloons over a city.

But it looks so pretty…

~ * ~

As a budding writer I have to agree with this Buzzfeed article.

I find it both difficult and therapeutic to write, depending on the day or even the hour.

When people dismiss my own concerns I feel like I am somehow doing it wrong.

Anyways, food for thought.

~ * ~

I am so thrilled by this video.

More veloci-kitties please.

~ * ~

Good morning SaMo!

Good morning SaMo!

Some links for the weekend:

This is just awful – and ridiculous. Rage with me!

What??? This is so cool – good for her! 

 This struck a chord with me, and I bet, many women.

Some pretty wedding invites to inspire.

We’re still well into our Buffy marathon (Season 2 baby!) and this is on the menu for the weekend …

Have a Wonderful weekend!



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