First Wedding Related Post!

Hey guys.

So I am planning a wedding reception for December and it’s, as would be expected, annoying.

It’s just a process of “OMG I want this!” then looking at price tags and going “Oh… maybe not.”. Sigh. Inevitable, I guess.

That doesn’t stop us from dreaming though …


Neither of us are huge wedding people. The pouffy dresses, the formality of processions and especially the kissing games – are not really our things. We want a wedding that makes more sense to us, that is less formulaic, less flashy but still meaningful. I will eventually write up a post of things we’re skipping out on (hint: don’t expect veils, kissing games or bouquet tosses at this wedding). For now, I will post some pictures of the wedding I want to have:

I went to a Holiday Party at Steam Whistle in downtown Toronto a couple of years ago and fell in love with it.

It would be awesome to have the reception here.

It’s a pretty nice place, open with lots of opportunities to modify and make it your own.

I love the string lights …

… and the lanterns. I have a thing for lanterns.

As for centerpieces and such – no flowers for us. It’s December, people! Lights, though – candles, lanterns, balloons – that’s more our speed.

And for bombenieres (spelling?)  … I mean, the possibilities are killing me …

So many cool options …

So fun.


As for now, I will leave you with one of the final choices for our first dance … which is sort of a silly name, as we’ve danced many many times before …

What do you think of the feel ?






One thought on “First Wedding Related Post!

  1. I love everything about this post! I’m so excited for you guys and I can’t wait to see more of your incredible wedding ideas 🙂 the Steam Whistle location looks perfect!! Have fun with all the planning!!!!!

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