Friday Bits and Bobs – First Week of March!

Coffee Shop Art on Arizona Ave

Coffee Shop Art on Arizona Ave

I try not to be too fluffy on this blog.

Fluff is fun, but it’s not altogether “me”.

So I can get political. I never thought I would need to warn anyone, but there you go.

I am human – I have politics.

Moving on …

~ * ~


This quiz was interesting.

Granted, I have done my fair share of quizzes latetly:

What kind of cat are you? (Munchkin)

What kind of pet you should have? (Medium sized dog)

Which Buffy character are you? (Willo) etc.

But this one is about spring style – I got the Hippie. Apparently I am all about layering different coloured pillow and throws all over couches and beds with embroidery.

Asides from the lack of subway tiles … That’s me! 

~ * ~

This makes me miss home.

It’s a photo project where the photographer’s subjects are people born in other countries who make Toronto their home.

My friend Marina was photographed.

Toronto is a multi-ethnic place, full of languages, people and customs with great respect for one another.

I am not trying to be too rosy – but as an ESL with parents from another country who grew up in varying ethnic neighbourhoods of Toronto, I do think the city os a very special place.

~ * ~

So I read … a … lot.

I average about 75 books a year or so (a little over 1/week)

But there are always tonnes more books on my list to read.

I enjoy the liberty of reading, cozy in a blanket with some tea, quiet and paced out …

But … sometimes I wish I could read faster!

Well …

This new app proposes to have people reading faster than ever.

Too good to be true? I will let you know!

~ * ~

Still jamming to WOTE.

Concert was awesome!

~ * ~


Some links for the weekend:

Hilary Clinton on empowerment. Worth the Read.

I just found out this is Psych‘s last season so … this. So much this.

Thing to consider if you’re moving …

So making these for the next fancy night …

This is on my to-do list for this weekend, along with a North & South rewatch. What do you think?


Have a Wonderful weekend!



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