My Weekend – March 3, 2014

Not sure if you heard, but in Southern California – it rained most of the weekend.

I made a birthday card for my BIL

I made a birthday card for my BIL

We’re talking thunder storms, with lightning, buckets of rain and mud slides in some areas – so we got much needed rain in drought-torn Cali, but with some bad things too.

So dinner was comfort food: pineapple fried rice.


Oh … so much yumminess …

For us, that basically meant staying in, staying dry and  finishing off season 2 of “House of Cards”, which I am still processing, and starting season 1 (of 7) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Oh yeah! 11 year old me is ecstatic! 27 year old me is pumped!

And generally staying indoors.

So I made bread, some banana granola from Shutterbean and some smoothie packs.

Look at that fat cashew just tempting me ...

Look at that fat cashew just tempting me …

I also made some yummy scones – vanilla scones, very soft and flaky. Love.


With strawberry jam … yum.

And watched a horribly awesome British comedy called Sightseers with my Friendship mug which always makes me think of Lauren and Marina who sent it to me with a bunch of flowers after a rough couple of weeks. It makes me happy.


Ah, Saturday night in.

Then on Sunday, the POP reduced to 20% and we were off on an adventure!


FINALLY get to try out my new sunglasses!

We opted for Laguna Beach – we haven’t been yet and it’s only an hour away.

IMG_20140302_154155It is a beautiful beach. Small, but awesome – with the salt air that sticks to your skin long after you’ve left, you know? The fortifying kind of salty sea air that makes me miss my childhood.


We walked along the boardwalk, taking pictures.


Of sand, seagulls, sun paths …


Palm trees …


Even the little shops along the way.


Laguna Beach is an artist haven – full of weird pieces of great art that grab you at intervals.


And did I mention the sunpaths?




There are all these alleyways and secret like places.

I loved this little alley that led to a cafe, chocolate shop and gelaterie.


And then upwards into a little community above, with hanging vines and little cafe tables.


It’s a beautiful place.

There was a family of Girl Scouts on the way back to the car, so … I bought some cookies.

Always gotta support the Girl Scouts!


And then when we went home, where I chopped up some pineapple …


And grabbed some veggies …


And some coconut milk …


For dinner.

I made a Thai pineapple and coconut rice and chicken bake.


With some lava cakes for dessert.


With fruit and icecream of course. I got the recipe from the last episode I watched of The Pioneer Woman.

You can find it here.


And then we settled down for the night, watching the end of the Oscars.

How was your weekend?



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