My Weekend – February 24, 2014

The weekend began a little unconventionally for me …


Yes, I got to go to Cirque du Soleil Totem down at the Santa Monica Pier. My sister and her boyfriend bought me a ticket as a thank you for staying with me this past week.


So I made pizza to thank them.


Yummy Pizza.


They spent the last few days at the beach, soaking up the sun, while I caught up on stuff, which was nice.

Including buying some flowers. I couldn’t resist – they called out to me at Trader Joe’s..


Then Saturday morning, I baked up some cinnamon buns I’d mixed up the night before for breakfast.


With some fruit salad and cream cheese icing, it was divine.


Then we all headed out to Griffith Park to check out the Observatory.


It was the perfect weather for it – really bright out and sunny.


The view was impeccable.


We could see the tip of Downtown LA through to the edge of Santa Monica… well the near edge of SaMo anyway …


We walked upwards, towards the upper terrace with it’s telescope. It’s quite the sight, with an even better view.

Up to the telescope!

Up to the telescope!

… and after we were sated with that view, we headed downwards again for some learning in the science centre.

Back down to the Science Centre

Back down to the Science Centre

I lagged behind to snap some more shots of the exterior – it really is a breathtaking place.


The exhibits were amazing! They’re very kid-friendly and very informative all at once. A very quality place if you want to educate yourself about stars. And Tesla Coils.


… And proof of the Earth’s rotation via Foucault Pendulum.


The artwork, where it is, is pretty damned awesome too.


This, however, blew my mind.

You see – these are stars in a scale model … except that the big red one in the right hand upper corner there? To be accurate to the model size, it should have been one-and-a-half times the size of the whole room … Right? Mind. Blown.


Then we headed back outside and got a little hungry, so we snapped a few last pictures and headed off.


The Observatory is really cool and if you have time when in LA I would definitely put it on the list of things to do.

And afterwards, do what we did: got to Natas for lunch.


I had soup and cappucino and was thoroughly satisfied.

Then we hung out for the afternoon and when we started feeling peckish we went out to the pier for some Bubba Gumps.


Oh, I love this pier.

No matter how often I go – I just fall in love every time.


I am helpless. It’s just so magical.


Anyways, we went to Bubba Gump for the Visitors’ last dinner in LA.


Food was beyond excellent! The coconut shrimp was awesome, and the margaritas were super dense! It was a great meal and by the time we got out, the pier was just covered in thick fog …


It was crazy, but beautiful, so I kept stopping and taking pictures. The fog and the margarita meant a lot turned out fuzzy though …


Then we went home, watched Skyfall and fell asleep.

Morning came and I sliced up a loaf of challah bread I made on Friday night and made some French Toast.


With a (big!) cup of coffee and some syrup – what else could you ask for?


Then the sister and her boyfriend finished packing …


And we stopped by the Sunday Market for some  live music and a last Hurrah for SaMo.


Then stopped by Sprinkles in Beverly Hills to get some cupcakes for the family back home.


And, okay – some for us too!

Mini Cupcakes for all!

Mini Cupcakes for all!

And then, off to the airport!

Safe Trip Sandra!


To make ourselves feel better that we were alone again, we went off to the sports store and bought a tennis racket so I can start playing with the Boy after work.


Then we made some pizza and watched episode 6 of House of Cards, season 2.

I think this show will drive me mad …


How was your weekend?



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