My Weekend – February 18, 2014

It was Valentine’s Day last weekend.

I made dinner, since we’d be going out a lot this week, as my sister and her boyfriend are in town for a bit.


I made a heart-shaped  pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni (turkey pepperoni!) with a full salad, including tangerine bits and toasted pecans and a dessert of oven-roasted peaches with a marscapone honey sauce over a grilled pound cake.


Then we got news that Air Canada bumped my sister and her boyfriend off their plane and they wouldn’t be coming in that night. After much harraning with Air Canada, they finally got a flight to San Francisco early the next morning, and we got up real early and drove up the 5 to meet up with them.


San Francisco was all cloudy when we got there. That didn’t stop us from heading out to the Wharf via cable car.


A poor man fell off the car on its way up Powell – he seemed fine but I think it ebbed our enthusiasm for the cable cars.

The views were spectacular – even though the fog that rolled in made it nearly impossible to see anything.


And then we enjoyed the shops, food and magic acts on Pier 39.


The next day we started off with a brisk walk to the Ferry Building to see the market, the cafes and the bay. Not necessarily in that order.


We had a delicious meal I am still thinking about.

IMG_20140215_093142And wandered around the market for a bit.


Then we got on one of the old timey streetcars towards Chinatown.


Chinese New Years celebrations were in full swing! Floats, lanterns, lots of people and yummy food – it was excellent!

We even made it to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory!


Where we bought way too many fortune cookies! In chocolate and regular.

We headed to North Beach for Lunch.


It’s very Italian and is spattered with cute cafes and bistros. We stopped at one for a meat and cheese platter, with drinks.

Then we set up along Union Square to watch the parade, which was spattered with a little rain all through the night.


For dinner, we ended up at 21st Amendment with an old friend who just moved to Silicon Valley. I had the girliest drink the bartender could think of.

And I loved it.


The next morning we headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge, delighted that the weather had turned out so sunny on our last morning in SF.


And then we headed to San Jose (on our way home) to check out the Winchester Mystery House. An allegedly haunted house, built over decades by Sarah Winchester, it is supposed to be the manner by which she could appease the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles.

IMG_20140216_123728Then I insisted we stop in Carmel-by-the-Sea for lunch.


We wandered around, finding cool fountains in the back of cute little cottages and buildings.


And then stopped at a local bakery for some coffee and pastry.


Then we were on the road again – the two visitors in the back sleeping through the trip until we got back to Santa Monica.

It was a holiday here, President’s Day, so Monday was filled with discovery LA. We started at the Grove, since the Farmer’s Market at the Grove reminds me so much of home.


Then we checked out Hollywood, where my sister was thrilled to see footprints from Arnold among others.


Then we headed to Father’s Office on Montana for dinner, which was excellent.


All in all, a pretty busy weekend with new experiences and great times.

How was your weekend?




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