Friday Bits and Bobs & Steamy Fridge – Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am not one for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I ever have been, but I like the idea of it.

I like having a day that’s all for love – whether it’s a Galentine or Palentine or sexy Love fest, it’s nice to remember love.

I’m a sap apparently.

This was my first painting class.

This was my first painting class.

I made the Love of my Life a strange type of Valentine.

He wanted a family crest. With Red Boars.

So … I tried it out. What do you all think?

~ * ~

This past Wednesday, my wonderfully talented friend, Lauren Smith, was on television in Tulsa talking about her book, Wicked Designs (my review here).

Go here for the video.

Also, guess who the friend was that got her hooked on romance? 😛

~ * ~

And I know this will make me sound so domestic, but laundry is my bane – partly because of the amount of quarters I need to save to do the week’s worth of laundry.

This nugget seems to make that process more manageable.

And yeah, very domestic.

But then … What can I say? Clothes don’t clean themselves.

(Note: that would be an awesome invention!)

~ * ~

In the realm of “DIY things Ammy will Make” – this.

I need to label these adorable canisters I got at Target. Just so much easier to deal with then bags.


Especially when the bags gets holes in them spilling flour everywhere.
And yes, they always do.

I just want everything nice and labelled, what can I say?

Originally I was going for this … or this.

But I think I have landed on something I can live with.

~ * ~

My sister, the Blonde, and her Boyfriend are visiting us for a week!

We have plenty planned, but what I am very excited for is the roadtrip to San Francisco!

The Boy and I were there last October, but we only stayed for a day before having to go, and this time we have a whole weekend, so suffice it to say, I have looked up guides.

I am feeling this one here.

Also looking up bloggers from SF to see what recommendations they have. If anyone has any ideas – fire away!


~ * ~

The benefit off working from home: A change of office space every so often.

The benefit off working from home: A change of office space every so often.

Some links for the weekend:

I am not one for the Olympics but … go Canada!

Ugh, I knew I should be drinking more water.

We so totally got caught up in the Prius Recall. Click here to find out if you did too.

This is awesome! Oh yes, need to do this …

All of this, so so true … especially about Sid Smith, that place was hot like the dickens …

~ * ~

And now, for Short {STEAMY} Story Fridge Friday:


Have a Wonderful weekend!



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