My Weekend – February 3, 2014

Doodling ...

Doodling …

The Love of my Life told em to make a list of places in the US I wanted to visit while we’re living here. So I drew one. It is my process.

I am not very good at it, but I like the creativity of it, the way the page gets filled with sketches and colours.

Though I severely screwed up Abe Lincoln’s face on Mt. Rushmore. Like, it’s just awful.

And I used Sharpie, so … it’s forever going to be like that.


Moving on …

Sort of.



I decided to take an art class!

I have never really had the opportunity to try out  formal art class – nothing beyond public school art class anyway, which is where an overworked teacher who never took an art class in her or his life hands out paper and asks you to draw something religious, something patriotic or something about your family in hopes that the art class will turn into a lesson in self.

This is my attempt at blending colours.

This is my attempt at blending colours.

I was always the kid that would fill up the entire page with weird doodles and what I thought would be ironic symbolism.


Watered down magenta

Now I am just trying to get a handle of how to use acrylics.

My first class was great! My art teacher was enthusiastic and answered all my (sometimes lame) questions – like “Why do you hold the brush at the tip?” and “How do I make magenta out of neon pink and carnation red!?”. I made a Valentine’s Day canvas for my Love Bug … with no hearts. Or flowers. Or really, anything mushy.

Hopefully he likes it …


I was lucky enough to get a nata for tea, too! So good. I crave these on the weeks I can’t get up to Sherman Oaks…

Next ... a lemon!

Next … a lemon!

My Lemon tree has a flower!

New Growth!

New Growth!

And my green onions are sprouting! This is, for some reason, super exciting for me.

I think because I spent most of my life in the belief that I had a black, as opposed to green, thumb.

Seriously – I killed a bamboo plant by overwatering it. Who does that!?



But I got a bowl full of yummy strawberries. And some raspberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple … I am a fruit fiend.

Romantic, no?

Romantic, no?

I made calzones for dinner on Friday night.

I found turkey pepperoni at the store, and just needed an excuse to use it. It was delicious!

I made a side of mac’n’cheese since it was Friday and it was requested.

Also had a glass (possibly two!) of wine, too.


And then for breakfast, I gave into the Boy and chopped up some dark chocolate for the pancakes.

I will admit: I am a pancake purist – blueberries and yogurt are the only things I allow in pancakes usually.

I will admit, the chocolate bits were …. nice.


Saturday was boring – just a bunch of errands to prepare for Thursday when my sister and her boyfriend come stay with us for a week  – hence why there is a jar of nutella in my cupboards now.

Neither of us old people generally like Nutella, though as I am writing this, I am munching on some spread across a toasted baguette and i can’t remember why I don’t buy this stuff more often …

We holed up at home with the spitting rain, and watched House of Cards. Will admit, we’re both properly obsessed with Frank Underwood.

Those are the arms of my Love

Those are the arms of my Love

Breakfast Sunday morning was baked heads over potato hash with some turkey bacon and shredded cheese.

Next time I will try adding some basil. Yum.

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

After breakfast we biked down to the Santa Monica Main Street Sunday Market for some greens and some exercise.


When we set out it looked like it was going to rain, bu the day was beautiful, so we went down to the beach, too.


The beach was full of volleyballers, dogwalkers, kids and surfers. It was brilliant.


And crossed over to check out the Community Garden on Main.


It’s the most sophisticated community garden I have ever seen, it is so impressive.


Then we popped into the German deli to have some coffee and pastries.


Before carrying our groceries home.

Sunday night we split that baguette, toasted it and topped it with whatever we had lying around, then went for a drive through Topanga Canyon – hauntingly beautiful at night, especially when you make it to the crest and can see all the twinkling lights of the city below.

Not a bad weekend, if I do say so myself.

How was your weekend?



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