Friday Bits and Bobs & Steamy Fridge – First Friday of February

Last week, it was WordPress refusing me access to my blog by some sort of glitch. This week it’s been my internet that has been slowly dying. Today a repair man will come over to hopefully fix it …

Quick French Bread

Quick French Bread

So I made bread to whittle away the time I usually spend on Facebook…

Recipe up soon!

~ * ~

I am always looking to reinvent recipes and generally make new things – curries, pastries, duck and sushi. Whatever piques my curiosity.

I subscribed to Tastemade on Youtube a while back. I like watching videos of interesting chefs, like the Sidesaddle Kitchen, i.e. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross and such.

And I stumbled across Sorted.

And fell in love. With all of these lads. Just love.

But this is the inspiration for my next pastry project – it mixes the traditional Portuguese tarts I have loved and made since childhood .. and chocolate.


~ * ~

Is this not the cutest whats-it to hold your wooden spoons?

I want it. Am considering putting it on my Bday wishlist. I can wait to April.

Especially if I get this and this, too …

~ * ~

I am currently reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche for book club.

It’s a wonderful book written by a woman I admire greatly.

She was in the news this past week, saying things that make me admire her all the more.

You can check out the video here.

~ * ~

If you’ve been paying any attention to me, it comes as no surprise that I am a self-identifying feminist.

No, really. I damned well am.

That being said, this video just made my day – it was exactly the sort of thing I needed to explain to the Love of my Life what he takes for granted when he makes statements like “Well, she did get wasted.” and other such things (that I cannot believe, after a decade of being with me, he can still sometimes think).

Please watch this. Read the subtitles – shudder and nod, and realize this is a reality but it doesn’t have to be.

~ * ~

This past week there was a debate between my man, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Kan Ham, about whether or not the Young Earth theory was plausible, essentially.

Not sure where everyone else comes down, but I think Bill won it, hands down.

He was funny, he was logical and graceful.

Here’s a link to the debate – warning, it’s 2 and a half hours long.

Great debate about a subject I hope we can put to bed at some point soon …

~ * ~


Lovely, lovely flowers.

Some links for the weekend:

I always love enlightening things like this.

This is my next bread project.

Yep, a lot of heh heh with this one.

Hope to get out here this weekend.

Yikes. Just … yikes.

~ * ~

And now, for Short {STEAMY} Story Fridge Friday:


Have a Wonderful weekend!



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