My Weekend – February 3, 2014

Let’s agree not to talk about the Superbowl, k?

Its too depressing …

Anyways, this was my weekend:


I started off my weekend with some English-style West coast tea time in SaMo on Friday.


Nothing like a good read and some yummy scones!

It also happened to be the official start to the Year of the Horse, and Santa Monica Place had some amazing horses made of recyclable materials on display.


There was also a concert, but I couldn’t stay.




I went to my new obsession – the Santa Monica Library bookstore and found the golden ticket of romance books: The 3-armed heroine Christina Dodd book!

I found her! The faamous Christina Dodd 3-handed heroine cover! All mine! Muhahaha!

I found her! The faamous Christina Dodd 3-handed heroine cover! All mine! Muhahaha!

Oh yeah.

Friday night we ate pineapple fried rice and watched Big Trouble in Little China for the millionth time…

Then Saturday – pancake time!


And then a lot of errands that included groceries, and a trip to Roscoes!


I feel like I am an actual Angeleno now – I have hiked up a mountain and I have eaten at Roscoes!

Getting home, we put all the groceries away and I made a little baked ziti for a late dinner.


Recipe up later this week!

Then Sunday dawned and … I slept in. I very rarely do, but I slept through to 9:30am. It was glorious.

Then we went to the Sunday Market on Main.


There’s a petting zoo, pony rides (sadly only for children) and lots of people, food and coffee.


We also found this wonderful artisan store, which is where I am buying all Bday presents from now on, and this gorgeous wall mural.


Then it started to look like rain. In LA. Unheard of.


Oh, it rained.



And then we sat down to watch the Broncos …

So sad.

I made brownies to ease the pain of the superbowl.


At least those were yummy.


How was your weekend?



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