Casual Dining – Avocado Pasta with Parmesan

As a kid, avocado wasn’t really a thing. The few times I remember it making an appearance when it wasn’t in a bowl of guacamole, it really didn’t make that much of an impression on me. I am not even sure I could have definitely described what an avocado was until high school …

Flash forward to my young adult years – avocado had found a name in the superfood-tasteslikebutter-hearthealthy-goodfats market and was EVERYWHERE. Like, on burgers, platters, salads and by itself covered in goat cheese (oh, drool.). Suffice it to say, I jumped on that band wagon. Jumped on it and still riding it.


Anyway, the thing is – avocados are picky little produce. They take forever to ripe, then stay ripe for a minute, then turn brown and make you all sorts of sad face. Over the years, I have more or less learned how to deal with them though – when at the grocers, take a peek under the nub at the top of the avocado (where the stem would have attached itself) – if green, then buy, if brown then overripe and if some white-fresh looking thing, it’s not ready yet. I have learned how to keep mashed up avocado “fresh” in the fridge – put in airtight container, fill top with water; and Steven and Chris even had a segment on how to freeze it. But asides from guacamole, toppings on  my chicken burgers and in salads, I didn’t really know what to do with avocados. Sure, there were times I put it in brownies or smoothies and even cookies (you seriously, taste no avocado – just chocolate, promise!), but I wanted something more meal-worthy.

So, I did what any other internet-dependent person would do. I looked it up on Google.

In a great show of Google tracking my preferences, I got bounced to a bunch of blogs I follow – all with their own variation of Avocado Pasta. I looked through a bunch of them – including a stove top mac’n’avo recipe that I must try – and opted to try out The Londoner’s Avocado Spagetti, with a few tweaks.

I made it on a busy weeknight last week, paired it with a crisp white wine and finished it off with a defrosted avocado brownie square.

Good times.


For your own avocado pasta, you will need:

A couple handfuls of fettucine

2 avocados, ripe and soft

1/3 cup olive oil

a clove of garlic

a few stems of basil

salt and pepper and the

Juice of 2 lemons, about 5 tbsp

Grated Parmesan (freshly grated, trust!)

1. Cook your pasta as you normally would – boil some lightly salted water, stick in the pasta, restrain yourself from stirring overmuch, and then drain.

2. While the pasta is boiling away, grab a food processor (or a blender) and put in the rest of the ingredients, with just a little bit of the parmesan. When it’s smooth and chuck-free, then it’s ready.

3. Transfer the pasta to a big bowl and then dump the contents of the food processor on top. Mix it up and make sure to get all the pasta properly coated. Top it off with however much parmesan makes you happy, and serve!


Super easy, super yummy. And again, pair with a crisp white.

Anyone else for Avocado Pasta?



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