Friday Fridge Short Story & Other Tid Bits

I highly recommend checking out the Hammer Museum if you’re in LA. 

IMG_00001121Even just for the atrium.

~ * ~

My friend, Smithy, gives a wonderful response to the question” Why write about Bad Boys?”

She’s so good at explaining these things, I would have just been like, “Why the Heck wouldn‘t I wanna write about Bad Boys?”

Hello? Mysterious pasts? Motorcycles and/or leather jackets and/or sarcastic dispositions?Also – general broodiness. Also desireable.

Unless he’s broody while you’re hungry and it’s all you can do to stop yourself from clunking him over the head with a gameboard and finding the best Chinese place in town …

Than broodiness can wait.

You can check out the interview here.

~ * ~

This is my new logo for everything.

I love Leslie Knope. I love Amy Poehler. 

Also Smart Girls at the Party. Seriously. Click on it.

~ * ~

This is sad.

Come on people! Surely there is more to women than being helpmates for men? Surely?

~ * ~

I am so excited to see Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain come to television.

Just released: the above 30-sec teaser trailer!

~ * ~

I love this art installation. I can relate to it, I suppose. 

There are so many single earrings, lacking their pair, collecting dust in my jewelry box.

This is just great.

~ * ~

New Installation at the Hammer Museum.

New Installation at the Hammer Museum.

Some links for the weekend:

This is a brilliant idea! So – who is up for the challenge?

More evidence for why vaccinating your kiddies may be a good idea.

We’ve decided to start a balcony garden, and my inspiration is coming from here, here and here.

I think I will have to start a Taco Night every week based on this… and this.

And finally, a new blog by a friend of mine from high school.

~ * ~

And now, for Short {STEAMY} Story Fridge Friday:


Until Monday!



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