Friday Fridge Short Story & Other Tid Bits

Heaven, my friends, is a lunch of pastry and coffee. 

I am just so lucky I can walk into heaven every now and again.

Cafe lunch collage

At La Monarcha, SaMo

In the sun. At 84F. In a warm cafe.

Le Sigh.

~ * ~

Scully! You guys! Scully!

Anything Gillian Andersen is worth looking into (The Fall, anyone?). 

And now … well, just click here.

Writing Sci Fi for the world? Yes, I am definitely reading that. 

~ * ~

Oh yes, this weekend, I am so at Whole Foods.

And with any lucky, Fabio will sign a romance cover for me, too!

~ * ~

From Crate & Barrel

These are just so adorable. I am trying to think up good reasons to go out and spend more money on food containers.

Reasons like … “Well, everyone eats, right?”

And, “But they’re so freaking cute!”

Or, “Want, want, want!” (Which is totally a reason in and of itself, apparently)

And after I get those, I will some of these too …

~ * ~

I am obsessed. And I keep crying, even though I have watched a million times.

~ * ~

My favourite fairy tale. The one I will tell my sons and daughters and kitties.

I love this idea – a Lady Code.

In my head, I guess, I am still Girlfriend Code – You know, never teal your girlfriend’s man, never bad talk yoru girl, etc. But I like the idea of a code for all women – strangers on the street, ladies on television, etc.

And more – it warms my heart that so many women responded so enthusiastically to this! Ladies – I love ya! Please keep being awesome!

~ * ~

Flowers on my various walks around town this January

Flowers on my various walks around town this January

Some links for the weekend:

This infographic for hot toddies has me craving … a hot toddy.

Points for being a caffeine addict! At least as far as my memories go …

Going to make a pizza like this tonight. Will likely fail at shaping it like a heart.

Aha! Brilliant method for cleaning out ALL my mugs!

Some advice as I start a new novel.

Armed with a new bottle of champagne vinegar, I am so up for this salad.

~ * ~

And now, for Short {STEAMY} Story Fridge Friday:


Until Monday!



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