TBT & Internet Problems.

Good morning dear readers!

For this week’s Throwback Thursday I aim to take you back to the August of 1989 …

I was 3. My sister was a month old. We were in Ocean City, Maryland. The Happiest place of Earth for us. 

We also always matched.

We also always matched.

Sigh. Good times. 

Am pretty sure our week-long vacation to Maryland was the only time my Mom let us drink Coke … or eat chips …

We lived in a very European household.

Anyway, TBT aside, my home internet is being weird. It drops randomly, refuses to connect again and keeps sending “down” messages to the Lover Boy. He tellss me to reset the router, I do, it works for ten minutes, then dies again. I have no idea what’s going on. So, am posting this from down the street. Sigh. Back to blogging like when I was in law school, with no internet connection of my own, huddled over a (now nicer) laptop at a coffee shop. Only this one is playing cool, smooth jazz instead of ’80s power ballads. Oh, I miss the Coffee Exchange …

So now you know why my posts are a little irregular …

Tomorrow – an all new list of things that caught my eye this week AND a new steamy story from my fridge!




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