Friday Fridge Short Story & Other Tid Bits

I think 2014 will be the year I finally learn how to wear a hat.

IMG_00000909What do you think?

I googled “How to wear your hair with a cloche” and the answer was definitely messy side bun.

~ * ~

I found the situation described in this article most aggravating. As a card-carrying member of the female sex, I am getting sort of sick of being “forbidden”.

And to think – in a Canadian university, too! My ire has been peaked.  … Piqued? Whatever.

~ * ~

Speaking of my feminist “danger” beacon going off, someone posted this on Facebook. I don’t know this guy, don’t know why people flock to him (asides from the fact that he seems to appeal to right wing religious people), but I saw multiple “Hell yeah!”s and such, and just wanted to point out a few things:

(1) His tone is exactly as superior sounding as the professor he is criticizing

(2) The Bible doesn’t really say marriage is between 2 heterosexual people – I mean, King Solomon anyone? Or King David? Or really most of the people (men, anyway) in the Bible …

(3) This article bothered me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, then as I was walking down to the market yesterday, I figured it out: When he describes the benefits of being in a monogamous marriage – it’s all about him: when he grows old, his teeth and hair fall out, and he generally needs help – his wife will be there for him. There is no reverse. It’s just a man claiming the benefits of marriage without acknowledging his so-called partner. And that, more than the tone of moral superiority or the fact that his facts are so, so wrong, is what bothered me – that this guy has a soapbox people tune into, and he’s quite obliviously sexist. Ugh. I need a shower.

Moving on …

~ * ~

Want this. So badly.

It’s from Etsy, here’s the link.

I have become a huge fan of Etsy.

Still have some Xmas money left over …

~ * ~

Just listen. So good. I am getting my ’40s on this weekend.

~ * ~

With my failed cappucino turned latte

With my failed cappuccino turned latte

Fresh Flowers, Coffee (made by me!) and a croissant is heaven. Also a good book. I just realized Nora Roberts has a new series out (because, when doesn’t she?) and so I grabbed it while at the bookstore yesterday.

Also, conversation with my sister:

Me: You need to teach me how to make cappucinos. My foam falls flat.

Blondie: Put the steaming stick 3/4 in the mug, so when the milk stirs, it comes from the bottom. Make sure it’s at z 45 degree angle and slowly move the mug away as the foam rises to the top.

Me: I Failed. 

But now you, dear readers, know!

~ * ~

Possible new Banner ... stay tuned!

Possible new Banner … stay tuned!

As for links I am loving right now, for the weekend:

These nutella croissants with raspberries from The Londoner.

This blog, care of my friend Liana, which is making me nostalgic and homesick.

This salad from Joy the Baker/Bonkers Awesome!, because – New Year Resolutions, what!?

Usually, I don’t spend a lot on cosmetics, but so want this lipstick in poppy.

Meryl Streep should run for President, 2016.

Laverne Cox is my idol.

~ * ~

So artsy ...

So artsy …

Upcoming posts in the next 10 months or so, will likely have some wedding content. Your gag reflex or tear ducts, whichever camp you fall into (I usually am a mixture with a heavy dose of nervous laughter thrown in) is warned! Can’t help it – I kind of like the idea of throwing a party. Besides, we’ve been together for ten years – time for a party, I think.

Also, ugh, Ten Years. That’s like … as old as Mean Girls.

Also, also – Mean Girls is a decade old. That means I am a decade out of High School. Double Ugh.

~ * ~

And now, for Short {STEAMY} Story Fridge Friday:


Have a Good Weekend, dear Readers!



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