Happy New Year!

Dearest Readers,

The end of a year is always that final exhalation – the moment where you recall the past year in snippets of conversation and impressions more so than lists and such … and proceed to then make all the lists and such you’ll forget by this time next year!

Ah, a new year.

We spent New Year’s Eve watching Orphan Black in its entirety and eating Chinese take out. Simple but nice. Definitely different from the days of neon strobe lights, too much booze and lots of friends, but it’s the place where we’re at right now, so I am satisfied.

Today we are going to Little Tokyo for soem Japanese street crepes, maybe some sushi … I hope some sushi …

For the new year, I don’t have any particular goals: I have long standing, long term goals that I make willy nilly, not caring the time of year, but no real “resolutions”. As it pertains to the blog – I do want to write more often – five days a week or so, with some new features, including some silly things I cooked up over the holidays and more about my day-to-day life for those I love who are far away. All in all, 2013 was a little bit of a whirlwind, and I look forward to continuing that momentum in the new year!

Last Picture of me in 2013!

Last Picture of me in 2013!

So, from me to you, lovelies: Happy new Year and all the  best!




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