Bad, Bad Blogger …

I am so sorry.

I am a terrible blogger.

I had lists of things to write about! I had topics about writing, my writing process and everything in between – and a few cool recipes I have recently tried out, as well as some general gushing about certain television shows (ahem, Sleepy Hollow) and books I’ve read.

And then … this happened.

traditional Portuguese pearl engagement ring, because apparently I made myself clear ...

traditional Portuguese pearl engagement ring, because apparently I made myself clear …

I got engaged.

(Family and Friend cheer, I laugh uncontrollably)


Engaged. After having a Hawaiian Chicken burger and tripping in the sand at the beach.

And then soon after, family came to visit.

I love family – but they don’t leave a lot of time for me to sit at a computer.

I took them to discover the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier.

I took them to discover the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier.

The Children: My two sisters and one of their boyfriends.

The Children: My two sisters and one of their boyfriends.

My parents chilling on the rooftop

My parents chilling on the rooftop

Suffice it to say, it’s been a busy two weeks – and now it’s US Thanksgiving.

And I have so much to say!

Timmie's coffee!! Best present from home!

Timmie’s coffee!! Best present from home!

First: Nanowrimo.

My clever and thoughtful weekly updates are, apparently, a bust, so I give you this:


Oh yeah, nearly there baby! Cannot wait to put this novel to bed. It is mostly finished – just need to decide on the proper epilogue. This one was the toughest novel I have written – so many rewrites. I had a plan – half drawn out, and half written out. And a general map of where my characters were going, and how they’d get there. Instead, my characters kept bucking my authority, doing whatever they felt like, and the story went in several different directions than I had intended.

At the same time … I like how it turned out. I think, because of all the rewrites, the frustration of going in a new, unanticipated direction and yelling for advice from the Soulmate, nee The Boy,  (whose general “helping” was to either laugh at me or tell me that my characters are weird, if hilarious)  – it worked out to me having a story I really like. It’s more complex than it was – the reveals happen sooner than I had originally planned for, but it works out nicely.

Gah. Writing is a cruel mistress!

Second:  Black Friday

So, I totally did the Black Friday thing once. In Troy, MI. I got up around 5am, picked up a friend and we got over the border and to Troy around 6ish. Everything was open, full – but it wasn’t … I don’t know – it wasn’t insane. Just crowded.

And the deals were okay, but not crazy awesome.

So I never did it again.

Now, in California, I hear (from radio, television ads and people who are really upset on the internet) that Black Friday, like a black hole, has expanded into Thursday, aka Thanksgiving. Now, I am a Canadian. Our Thanksgiving isn’t a four-day pre-Christmas affair that includes a day of shopping. However … I get the anger against those stores that are opening up on Thanksgiving – I mean, this is the quintessential American holiday – it’s the one that’s all about family, reaching back into the forefather’s forefathers and plucking out the one thing that mattered – family, food and peace.

And now, it’s morphed into some sort of commercial bastardization, where some people can afford to stay home, others cannot, and corporations can dictate that their employees show up to work.

Dudes – this is one of the only secular holidays worth celebrating (and like the only one without fireworks) – why would you condone this?

I am kind of (not surprised) disappointed with this whole thing – my first US Thanksgiving in America, and then, it’s been ruined with commercial interests. (Well not ruined, I am maing bread, lots of bread, for Thanksgiving – am so happy!). I can’t believe the American people, who rally behind Thanksgiving as if it is Christmas – can be behind this?


In other news, I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and got this poinsettia, so awsome:


And the lady in front of me with a huge full cart, told me she was having her parents and sister over, as well as all the children – and she was only doing the turkey and sides. Her bill totalled over $300. Americans take this holiday seriously – I love it!!

Third:  Thanksgiving!

So blessed! I get two Thanksgivings now! Yes – two turkeys, two pumpkin pies, two overly buttered-mashed potatoes.


More on Thanksgiving, just thought I would mention it…

That’s all for now!

Will update again tomorrow, and really get back at regular posting, now that the world has hit an even keel again.

Much love dear readers!



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