My Weekend – 11.12.2013

I just noticed, but … the date is 11/12/13!

Ah, the little things …

So here is what I did this weekend:

Friday we went to Shaka Shak Burger


I had a chicken burger (the Chick Burger) with pineapple salsa

The Boy demolished a regular Shaka burger.


The decor is one of those awsomely kitsch places with Hawaiian memorabilia and Elvis music.


And then we walked along the beach for a while …


Saturday was an errand day where we ran around and attempted to actually get things done before family visits this week.

I wrote a lot – stayed up until about 2:30 with some writing inspiration.

Oh, and an O-Nut from DK’s …


Sunday we met up with friends at Mexi-Casa restaurant in Anaheim, a wonderfully authentic experience for those who crave yummy, cheap Mexican food.


And then that night we watched some Mentalist with some hot cocoa and prepared for the family storm …


What did you guys do this past weekend?


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