Happy Veteran’s/Remembrance Day and Happy Birthday to my Grandfather!

My family doesn’t really have a military history.

We come from a country that had mandatory military service under fascism until 1974 when the people revolved.

Then my family moved to Canada – and my sisters and I were born.

As such, we have no grandparents who served in the military or parents who serve.

The Boy’s Mom’s side does: His grandmother was in the Navy in WW2 and his grandfather was overseas at the same time. Both made it back, had a family and continued on with life – no easy feat after a war.

So, Remembrance Day for me has always been about other people, these unnamed soldiers lost to us overseas and at home. And yet, it still means so much for me to have even those unrelated soldiers remembered.

Remembrance Day is the same day as my grandfather’s birthday.

He came to Canada in the 70s, hoping for a new start in a place where his son wouldn’t be mandated to go to the wars in Africa. He dragged my father to this cold, wintry place, kicking and screaming, and I am so glad he did.

So with that in mind,

Happy Birthday Avo Julio 

Beijinhos (kisses) e Abracos (Hugs)!

2013-04-15 21.05.55


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