My Weekend – 11.04.2013

Ah, now that Nano has begun, most of my weekend was like:

my Nanowrimo Life

But have no fear – I actually left the house, too. In between paragraphs.

And I made some awsome ultimate pad thai – seriously. I am still craving more pad thai.

ultimate pad thai for halloween

On Friday we went to First Fridays in Venice. It’s when all the food trucks line up on Abbot Kinney in Venice and people mill about, tasting some truly gourmet edibles passed through the windows of trucks. Classic and tasty burgers (or chicken burgers for me!), a truly mobile street eat called a potato tornado, ice cream, churros, tacos and I even grabbed a huge container of siriacha fried rice. So yummy.

The Boy found Mexican Coca Cola (medio litro!) that tastes just like home (made with sugar not corn syrup)!

medio litro of coke

Saturday, the Boy bought himself a car. This has been months in coming. He’s so meticulous about finding the right thing, the right price, the right colour, age, etc. Anyways, he found everything but the colour he wanted – and this is his third car purchase since he was 17, and I think he did a wonderful job of it ๐Ÿ™‚

the phantom menace

So quiet a ride …

We drove it up to Sherman Oaks, to our favourite pastry place, Natas, for a cappacino and a pastry in the sunshine.

afternoon cappacino at Natas

And on Sunday the boy decided to race around the Streets of Willow, which was very windy, but real fun.

cool taped up car at SOW

And that was my weekend!

leaving sow

How was yours?



2 thoughts on “My Weekend – 11.04.2013

  1. My weekend was amazing! I went up to Toronto to attend the ‘Reversed Polarity’ Doctor Who con, volunteered, went to some great panels, had a great time. Then a write-in on Sunday afternoon when I got back home. Yay for Nanowrimo!

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